Bridget Christie

We finally got to the end of R’s birthday presents this Satdy.

I’d bought us tickets to see the comedian Bridget Christie in Nottingham.  It was in a lovely little theatre in an arts centre at the university.  We wondered just what she’d be up to in the 30 mins we were there before the show.  Maybe walking up and down with stress and anxiety?  Or chilled with a bottle of wine on the go?

Anyway she comes on in her evening gown (well alright then jeans and t shirt) and we’re off.  It was a wonderful cathartic hour of political and gardening rants giving her audience just what they (we) wanted to hear.  I don’t think there was anyone right of centre in the audience as I didn’t see anyone walk out and I assume they would have.  I’m pretty sure she must have had heckles in some of her shows – somehow I doubt she’d struggle to express her arguments tho.

Highly recommended.


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Fat shamed?

A comedian I listen to a lot, I like her work and she sounds lovely, just sounded off on Twitter.  She’s a larger lady and apparently a cosmetic company and a cancer research charity have been “fat shaming” this week.  It seems their crimes were to publicly point out that

a: 2/3rds of the UK adult population is overweight or obese.

b: 70% of deaths have some lifestyle aspect or preventable cause about them (obviously 100% of people die but eg smoking would contribute somewhat towards an earlier death)

c: obesity is the 2nd most prevalent preventable cause of cancer there is (after smoking).

She was NOT happy. And made this known in quite florid language.

So is this “fat shaming”?

Seems not to me.  But I’m only in the “overweight” category, maybe I’m not the target audience for the “fat acceptance” movement (yes there is one).

Nothing these orgs wrote is untrue; and it doesn’t seem that how they said it was in any way accusatory (it was basically in the tone of the words I wrote above).  You could argue that Cancer Research UK’s job is to get more people to avoid cancer and information is part of the mechanism.  I was vaguely aware that weight was a risk factor for cancer but I had it much more as an issue for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  So it’s done its job of informing me that it’s a big cancer risk.  Is it “shaming” me?  No.

Is telling women to have their kids younger so they avoid a drop in fertility and an increase in Down’s risk once they’re in their 40’s ageism or sexism?  I’d say not – it’s just medicine isn’t it?  Likewise encouraging people to stop smoking isn’t “smoking shaming”.  Yes older women can have healthy babies, yes smokers can live full and sickness-free lives and fat folk do live to a ripe old age and not get diabetes or heart disease but the tendency is that certain conditions bring about certain risks.

Is the “fat acceptance” idea simply that the world should simply avoid pointing out stuff to everyone on the basis that fat people might get upset?  That’s the only thing I can see here.  Surely this just means that there’s shame already there just under the surface.  There must be at least some awareness that, on average, obesity isn’t a healthy life choice.  (And yes I do know how hard it is to lose weight and that mental health issues and certain physical issues also contribute.)  But whatever we should risk some people not getting information that could be helpful to them on the basis that some other people might get upset by hearing that information?

Living a certain way because you either have to or want to is fine.  No shame for doing so but to deny the reality of the consequences of that is ridiculous to me.

But then, I’ve never lived with people pointing and whispering or shouting “oi fatty” at me.


Elijah! We Went to See Elijah! Elijah! What did you see? Elijah! It was Elijah! Elijah you went to see! We did it was Elijah we saw. Elijah!

R sings in a choir.  She sings in a choir.  A choir.  She sings in a choir.  What does she sing in?  A choir.  Yes a choir she sings in.  She sings in, she sings in, she sings in. What does she sing in?  What does she sing in?  Sing in!  A Choir!

Last night at the Cathedral there was a choir.  The choir did perform last night.  Where did they perform? They performed at the cathedral. The cathedral?  Yes the cathedral.  What did they do there? They perform-ed.  What did this this performance entail? What did iiiitttt entail?  The performance at the catheeeedral.  Where they perforrrrrm…ed.

Well I can’t keep this up but it seems that your man Mendelssohn has no such qualms about what his audience may have to sit through, on creaky and uncomfortable wooden pews.  By heck it was repetitive.  The best analogy I can think of is being sat in front of an amazing classic painting full of wonder and invention and beauty and being made to sit there for 90 minutes when you’ve pretty much got all you’ll get out of it in say 30 minutes.

There were some great highlights in there but it could do with maybe a chase sequence and 30 minutes cut out.  And all the solos.  Dirge-like unmusical nonsense.  But there were some rousing and/or beautiful choral bits.  To give an example the second half started and 10 minutes of solid singing later they were still only about 7 lines into the lyrics.

Now R’s read this and thinks I hated it.  That’s not what I meant at all.  It was beautiful and moving and dynamic.  Just a bit repetitive.  Repetitive.


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Sing Street Inspiration

We re-watched the fillum “Sing Street” with N yesterday.  It’s a very lovely fillum set in Ireland in the ’80s when their economy was doing v badly and young folk were just upping and leaving for London.  It follows a wee teenager who tries to impress a girl by asking her to be in his band’s music video.  Problem being he’s not a musician and doesn’t have a band so when she says “yes” he has to start one.  All in all it’s wonderfully evocative of the 80s with him and his band trying out different looks and sounds all based around the last band he saw or heard on Top of the Pops or from his older brother’s record collection.

N loved it and apparently has spent today song writing just as the main man in the fillum did. So pleased she’s been moved to try her hand at this.  And a great fillum. One to watch.



BJC replayed

I went to a BJC!  Must be years since I attended one for more than just a show.  This year’s is still ongoing and in Nottingham again.  Best BJC I ever went to was in Notts in 1997.  Second best one was in 2007 – again in Nottingham.  Great.

Well actually we only went for the show and the “games”.  Normally the games are in a public place in the host town but unfortunately there was stuff on the market square on Sunday so it was taking place at the castle.  Still, never been to Notts castle – but I wasn’t expecting a £20 ticket to get in.

So we got there late, of course, cos of traffic and that.  And there were the games.  But I couldn’t see anyone I recognised.  At least for a bit.  So we did a bit of tourist stuff which ended up with R singing the Robin Hood theme whilst L ran up and down as if on a horse, whilst wearing a Robin Hood cloak. Over and over again.

That’s when Nicky and her wee lad (M) arrived.  Yay!  Not seen her for years now.  And after the initial shy kid act he and our 2 wee ones were off and playing.  And then Tom D showed up briefly whilst on his way to a camping shop.  And then ^Tom_ – blimey it’s a long time since we last met – we reminisced about hiking in the Lake District and various shows we’d seen (but sadly forgot to mention the carpet trippy up game at the Karlsruhe EJC).  And briefly Nick who I lodged with in London for a few weeks.  Sadly missed Dr Helen and Silver Paul.

We didn’t watch the games but stood and chatted until it was time to go.  And then, via a ridiculous walk, and meeting uncle D, to a pizza place for tea.

And then R, L and J were away home.  As was Nicky and M.  Hopefully it won’t be another 4 years before we meet them again.

Me, D and N were off to the show.  We were the last people to get our tickets and we’re off up to the circle to find some seats.  Considering there were few tickets left when we booked there were a lot of empty seats.  Ah well, we were in the middle near the back of the room so a good view.

Balloons were being knocked about and passed around as usual.  And there was an annoying kid.  Really annoying.  Very very annoying.  We also had a guy who had clear learning disabilities near us – shouldn’t have been an issue but he was loud and inappropriate – which the annoying kid thought was hilarious (whose mother had a weak stab at shushing him but totally ineffectively.  Grr.)

So the acts.  The first was some Brazilian bloke doing curvy sticks.  It was a bit like watching a modern jazz concert as occasionally people would clap for no discernible reason.  I saw a bloke moving sticks around awkwardly.  Others clearly saw more.  Ah well, my loss.  They did plug him doing a workshop the following day so you too could learn how to move sticks about awkwardly.

Then a girl with one blue juggling ring came on.  She did some quite nice moves and catches but the whole routine didn’t grab me.

3rd were 2 hat jugglers.  Some of it was pretty good and actually had some of the few bits of juggling in the show.  But sadly some of it suffered from the bane of hat routines which was quite a lot of droppage.

Last in the first half was a French bloke doing a 10 minute snatch of an hour long show.  He used 1 club and had quite interesting music.  But again it was 10 mins of start-stop manips and no juggling – oh no sorry he did do an occasional short sharp trick – and dropped these as often as not.

And then the intermission during which I got to meet Mamph and her nearly exactly 1 year old.  Aww – lovely to meet them.

Second half then – hoop lady from Sweden?  Quite funny at times – and some juggling – without drops as I recall.  Was ok.

Then Anni from Germany did her show “Paganini”.  You can tell I liked this one cos I can remember her name and the act’s name.  She tied her hands and did club balances and manipulations – it was funny and skilled and well choreographed.  Genuinely a lovely routine.  Very good.

Penultimate act (ok so the order of acts may be wrong) was a Cyr Wheel routine (linky to show the prop – not the same performer).  I know little about this skill and prop but it was very impressive.  N’s favourite act (apart from the headliner)

And finally the headline act “Guillaume Karpowicz” doing a diabolo routine.  My first thought was “Oh no his outfit perfectly matches his prop” so there’s a risk of not being able to see his prop.  But it was properly properly ace.  Brilliantly performed, very hard stuff done superbly.  Music was great and fat the routine perfectly.  Very impressed with this one.

The host (?Rosie?) had held the show together well with some humour and did the job IE told us what was happening and names and that.  Ducks and children was my favourite bit of her shtick.

All in all a show of 2 halves.  Could maybe have done with maybe some juggling in it…maybe.

And then we were off.  Bumped into Lizzah and MBM in the foyer and then off for D to whisk us away in his swish car to where we’d parked our car earlier.  Nothing like stepping out of an BMW M series car to get into an ’04 Zafira – the contrast was rather stark!

A lovely day with some lovely people.  Let’s not make it quite so long until the next time.




What the bloody hell is happening today?

We’ve threatened war against Spain? Sorry?  Spain?  Yes Spain!  Really?

What bloody alternative reality have we woken up into?  Sorry, war with Spain?


Words cannot express just how screwed up this is.

And now the lunatics are banging on about Easter.  We’ve had the utterly fraudulent “war on Christmas” bullshit handed to us over the last few years in some lame attempt to smear motives onto people who have none.  But this is utterly ridiculous.

Cadbury may well be a crappy company but being told that they’ve “whitewashed Easter from their advertising” is easily noticeable bullshit.  It takes ooh maybe a second of googling to actually see what their advertising is.  And the poor National Trust getting dragged into this – a more Women’s Institute – C of E institution it would hard to think of.  And they’re avoiding mentioning Easter?  Really?  Again 1 second of googling gives the lie to this.

And we’ve had the Prime Minister.  Yes the bloody Prime Minister – saying that she’s appalled by this white-washing of Easter.  It’s NOT BLOODY TRUE.  Could we please have leaders who have a cocking first clue about what the hell is going on?

And then bloody Farage weighs in.  Yes he’s appalled too.  You know, really appalled by this (you remember this thing that isn’t true and hasn’t happened).  And he bangs on about the “Judeo-Christian” background to this country’s history.

Firstly I’m not really sure the Jews have much celebration of Easter.

Secondly Cadbury’s was indeed set up by Quakers – who also don’t celebrate Easter.

Thirdly they ARE loudly and publicly celebrating Easter (both Cadbury’s AND The National Trust).

Fourthly – where the hell in the bible are there eggs and bunnies? Who was Easter? Ah yes a pagan deity – oh, she shouldn’t be in the bible then….

Fifthly when the HELL does Farage get to spout off hypocritically about being Christian?  No doubt he’s forgotten all those calls to aid the poor and refugees that some bloke in the book keeps banging on about.


Leviticus 19:33-34 and 24:22 – When the foreigner resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the foreigner.  The foreigner who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the foreigner as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt:  I am the Lord your God.”

Malachi 3:5 – The messenger will bear witness against those who thrust aside the foreigner.

Luke 3:11 – “Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none…”

Romans 12:13 – “Mark of the true Christian: “…Extend hospitality to strangers…”

The hypocrisy is just breathtaking.  He’s probably also forgotten one of those, oh what are they called, oh yes “commandments” that says, oh what was it, ah yes “don’t bear false witness.”

So pleased to see the disgusting misuse of faith in this ridiculous storm in a teacup made up “story”.  I’m sure it’s nothing to do with being a distraction from the “war with Spain” imbecility – or the report that says that current benefit cuts will dump a further 250000 children into literal poverty, or the story that we’re now selling more weapons to Saudi Arabia or…..


Follow the Money

Series 2 of Follow The Money has just finished.  It’s the latest of the Danish crime dramas wot’s been on the BBC.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the first series but it was still a lot better than many other dramas I’ve sat thro.  But series 2 was very tense.  This tension peaked at the end of the 9th episode (of 10).  Oh my word.

Anyway the main guy is “Mads” who’s a copper who got drafted into the Fraud Squad in series 1.  The actor isn’t that great tbh – I remember one scene especially that looked like a drama student being asked to workshop “shocked” – I suppose they’ve pretty much run out of good actors by now – they’re all in the other crime dramas.  But he’s a nice guy with a bit of an authoritarian streak – but I guess that’s police folk for you.  His wife is lovely but has MS and, in this series, is pregnant in her forties – hence lots of heart to heart convos wanted.  But Mads is too busy – oh no!

“Alf” is the younger and much more intelligent Fraud Squad guy – he likes digging into files and accounts and sorting out the paper trail.

Claudia is a convicted fraudster (in series 1) who ends up working for a bank in series 2.  She’s there to screw over the guy who got her sent down.  Mind you she missed the fate of the main guy in series 1 at least.  She’s a super clever lawyer with a broken relationship and a son who doesn’t really want to visit after she got out of prison hence personal and emotional stuff.

Nicky is a mechanic and convicted (former) car thief.  He’s groomed by the creepy old guy “The Swede” into being a fixer for the higher uppers.  So he turns from being a nicish family guy running his own garage into a (rubbish) heavy – ending up as a killer – in the process losing his girlfriend and son.  More emo stuff indeed.

Bimse – a lovely but a bit dim best friend of Nicky.  Oh Bimse.  His story ended up the most shocking.  Poor Bimse.  Twitter was aflame!

But episode 10 just was blah.. After the tension of number 9 it was all a bit flat.  Such a shame.  But I suppose you can’t make a thriller out of people gambling on (or rigging) stock markets very thrilling.  Maybe you can but this wasn’t it.  Ah well I’ll remember it for episode 9.

Poor Bimse.


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