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Further work news

After further work offers (see prev post) I now have a job interview on the 5th for another local Occ Health company.  Whoot!

Hopefully it’ll be a busier work year in 2016.  Fingers crossed.


Work changes

It looks like I have more work coming.  I’ve just joined another practice and hopefully they can fill a lot of my currently spare time.  I’ve met the owner and a couple of their staff and they’re all keen for me to start.  I’m in next Wednesday to see how things work there and properly in in Jan.

In further news, a national Occupational Health company has been in touch with some work potentially beginning in the new year too.

In further further news, another OH company more locally has also been in touch but their info is a bit more sketchy at the mo.

If any or all of this pays off then I reckon next year might be a tad more financially secure than this year has been.  I may have to dump my own clinic tho, and that upsets me more than I think it should.


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Real world crash

After a lovely week away with little to do but turn boats over and play with children the real world has made a distinct change this week.

While we were away we had no mobile signal hence no internet.  I thought I’d better check what my start time for Tuesday was going to be and the diary’s online so I made the most of a trip to Hay to check.  Diary says 8:30 start.  Hurrah.  Message sent to childcare re starting at 7:30.  Done.  It’s Bank Holiday weekend no-one else will get booked in will they?

Got to work on Tuesday at 8:20.  Opened the computer and pottered around getting notes and that ready.  At 8:25 I noticed that there’s a patient in at 8:00.  Not only that but a private self-payer (as opposed to an insurance based patient) – in other words the type of patient that you don’t want to annoy.  The rest of my morning was full.   Aargh!   Apparently he met the boss at a “do” on Saturday night and she booked him in without letting me know.

He knew he was going to get 30 minutes so I had to give him that.  The next patient was also unhappy that I was late and the one after that too.  Not fun.

Then yesterday I was starting at 8:30 and arrived to a message that she’d “forgot”.  So a waste of an hour.  And this morning my first patient has cancelled a mere 30 minutes before her appointment.  So I’m sitting here fed up.  Grr.  That’s 2 hours so far this week where I could be home with the kids and 2 hours less childcare to pay for.



Got it

So I’m starting that 5th job on Thursday this week.  My diary is very full.

The place looks good and it’s in a posh gym so I get free membership for me (hopefully a decent discount off family membership too) and it’s easily cyclable (cycleable?) which is a bonus.


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Work confusion

Now this is a turn up for the books and no mistake, gor blimey.

Someone at a local city clinic has gone and left.  This leaves them short of a body for some hours a week.  The boss contacted my boss at Ashbourne (and elsewhere) to see if she knew of anyone looking for more hours.  Well my name was given and she phoned me yesterday.

So in short.  A direct competitor (who knows that I work independently in the city) is asking me to come and work for her – at least in principle, we have a meeting due on Thursday to see if it’s something both of us want to do.  The times are Thursday afternoons (when I can’t use my clinic room anyway) and Tuesday pm.  This would leave me only Monday and Thursday mornings (and weekends) when I can be at my own place.  At the moment that’s not a massive issue as I’m really not very busy there.

But what do I do?

Assuming she’s happy for me to work there the options are:

  1. Do it and keep my own place going.  Means paying for a room I can only use for a small part of the week.
  2. Do it and drop my place.  Happier for the new clinic and will mean less stress and outlay for me but also means that I don’t have my own place.

Also, assuming I start there, there are other issues:

I’d be working evenings from Tuesday to Friday with Friday being my earliest return home at around 7pm.  Do I drop the Pilates classes in Ashbourne?  Less travelling certainly but also less income.  Do I drop Ashbourne entirely?  I love working there, the people are fabulous and they’ve been very good to me.  My hours there on a Friday I can do at another place so the only money I’d be missing would be the 3 Pilates groups.  Dropping these would be sad but would give me a chance to get some running in Derby.  This seems the most likely route.  But then I will need to do 3 months of probation at the new place so I can’t really give up anything until that’s completed.  Would be a hard 3 months for me and R.

Tricky innit?  Not that I’m complaining too much – nice to be offered more work.



I went to a cash machine today for the usual reason.  Whilst there a woman said to me:

“Excuse me are you a physio?”

Why yes.

“Thought so I’ve been on your website.”

Excellent.  “Do you need any physio?”


Ah well.

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Hi all.  I’m just looking at getting my work website up the rankings a bit and one of the wotsits they suggest is getting people to link to said website.  Here’s a linky then:

Feel free to clicky and even copy the link somewhere if you like.  I know the site’s not great but it’s being worked on too.  If anyone has any other ideas of stuff to tweak to get me higher up google then feel free to point me at it.


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Job news

Whee! I have just been offered a job in Nottingham doing Occupational Health physio for one of the universities (one day per week). Regular work and income puts me on a very sound wicket in terms of overall income. Really quite pleased.



So far this month I’ve gone from one Pilates class weekly to running four per week (three at the mo, 1 more starting in November), patients have started coming through the door and feedback has been pretty good if I say so myself.  All those Pilates classes are not in Derby so I should be able to find a venue and punters locally as well quite soon.

Fingers remain firmly crossed but the signs seem good so far.

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