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Fat shamed?

A comedian I listen to a lot, I like her work and she sounds lovely, just sounded off on Twitter.  She’s a larger lady and apparently a cosmetic company and a cancer research charity have been “fat shaming” this week.  It seems their crimes were to publicly point out that

a: 2/3rds of the UK adult population is overweight or obese.

b: 70% of deaths have some lifestyle aspect or preventable cause about them (obviously 100% of people die but eg smoking would contribute somewhat towards an earlier death)

c: obesity is the 2nd most prevalent preventable cause of cancer there is (after smoking).

She was NOT happy. And made this known in quite florid language.

So is this “fat shaming”?

Seems not to me.  But I’m only in the “overweight” category, maybe I’m not the target audience for the “fat acceptance” movement (yes there is one).

Nothing these orgs wrote is untrue; and it doesn’t seem that how they said it was in any way accusatory (it was basically in the tone of the words I wrote above).  You could argue that Cancer Research UK’s job is to get more people to avoid cancer and information is part of the mechanism.  I was vaguely aware that weight was a risk factor for cancer but I had it much more as an issue for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  So it’s done its job of informing me that it’s a big cancer risk.  Is it “shaming” me?  No.

Is telling women to have their kids younger so they avoid a drop in fertility and an increase in Down’s risk once they’re in their 40’s ageism or sexism?  I’d say not – it’s just medicine isn’t it?  Likewise encouraging people to stop smoking isn’t “smoking shaming”.  Yes older women can have healthy babies, yes smokers can live full and sickness-free lives and fat folk do live to a ripe old age and not get diabetes or heart disease but the tendency is that certain conditions bring about certain risks.

Is the “fat acceptance” idea simply that the world should simply avoid pointing out stuff to everyone on the basis that fat people might get upset?  That’s the only thing I can see here.  Surely this just means that there’s shame already there just under the surface.  There must be at least some awareness that, on average, obesity isn’t a healthy life choice.  (And yes I do know how hard it is to lose weight and that mental health issues and certain physical issues also contribute.)  But whatever we should risk some people not getting information that could be helpful to them on the basis that some other people might get upset by hearing that information?

Living a certain way because you either have to or want to is fine.  No shame for doing so but to deny the reality of the consequences of that is ridiculous to me.

But then, I’ve never lived with people pointing and whispering or shouting “oi fatty” at me.




What the bloody hell is happening today?

We’ve threatened war against Spain? Sorry?  Spain?  Yes Spain!  Really?

What bloody alternative reality have we woken up into?  Sorry, war with Spain?


Words cannot express just how screwed up this is.

And now the lunatics are banging on about Easter.  We’ve had the utterly fraudulent “war on Christmas” bullshit handed to us over the last few years in some lame attempt to smear motives onto people who have none.  But this is utterly ridiculous.

Cadbury may well be a crappy company but being told that they’ve “whitewashed Easter from their advertising” is easily noticeable bullshit.  It takes ooh maybe a second of googling to actually see what their advertising is.  And the poor National Trust getting dragged into this – a more Women’s Institute – C of E institution it would hard to think of.  And they’re avoiding mentioning Easter?  Really?  Again 1 second of googling gives the lie to this.

And we’ve had the Prime Minister.  Yes the bloody Prime Minister – saying that she’s appalled by this white-washing of Easter.  It’s NOT BLOODY TRUE.  Could we please have leaders who have a cocking first clue about what the hell is going on?

And then bloody Farage weighs in.  Yes he’s appalled too.  You know, really appalled by this (you remember this thing that isn’t true and hasn’t happened).  And he bangs on about the “Judeo-Christian” background to this country’s history.

Firstly I’m not really sure the Jews have much celebration of Easter.

Secondly Cadbury’s was indeed set up by Quakers – who also don’t celebrate Easter.

Thirdly they ARE loudly and publicly celebrating Easter (both Cadbury’s AND The National Trust).

Fourthly – where the hell in the bible are there eggs and bunnies? Who was Easter? Ah yes a pagan deity – oh, she shouldn’t be in the bible then….

Fifthly when the HELL does Farage get to spout off hypocritically about being Christian?  No doubt he’s forgotten all those calls to aid the poor and refugees that some bloke in the book keeps banging on about.


Leviticus 19:33-34 and 24:22 – When the foreigner resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the foreigner.  The foreigner who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the foreigner as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt:  I am the Lord your God.”

Malachi 3:5 – The messenger will bear witness against those who thrust aside the foreigner.

Luke 3:11 – “Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none…”

Romans 12:13 – “Mark of the true Christian: “…Extend hospitality to strangers…”

The hypocrisy is just breathtaking.  He’s probably also forgotten one of those, oh what are they called, oh yes “commandments” that says, oh what was it, ah yes “don’t bear false witness.”

So pleased to see the disgusting misuse of faith in this ridiculous storm in a teacup made up “story”.  I’m sure it’s nothing to do with being a distraction from the “war with Spain” imbecility – or the report that says that current benefit cuts will dump a further 250000 children into literal poverty, or the story that we’re now selling more weapons to Saudi Arabia or…..



After last week’s awful attack in London there appears to be a concerted attempt to blame all forms of communication for it.  The Mail did a special feature on Google being the terrorists’ friend because apparently you are able to search for “how to use a car for terrorism”.  Quite why it took 3 of their journalists to google “how to drive a car into people” is beyond me.

Anyway we now have gov MPs on telly demanding that Google and other tech allow the government “back doors” into their tech.  Despite literally thousands of tech people continually telling them that “it’s not possible” they still keep gannin an aboot it.

Then why is it impossible?  Simply that the tech relies on encryption.  If we didn’t have it then the internet wouldn’t work.  We’d have no “e-commerce”, no messenging services, no internet banking.  You can’t build a back-door into this because it’s then immediately an Achilles heel that any malign power could use to get in and hence break things.  It might be a crime group looking at breaking into banks, dodgy governments or companies doing cyber sneaking or inserting malign programs into computers around the globe.  With encryption a lot of this is impossible.  Without encryption the system just doesn’t work.

So besides the actual literal impossibility of carrying on with tech “back doors” what else is wrong with the idea?

There’s clearly a privacy issue – not a deal breaker for some maybe but there certainly is an issue for me.  The gov are not allowed to open your post without a warrant but you can be sure that T May and pals will be happy to give the police your emails and messages without one – if not today then tomorrow.  And who will do the looking?  No doubt it’ll start with the police but end up with local council staff looking into council tax issues or school admission fraud.  Hardly terrorist masterminds stuff.  Hell they’ll probably even end up having schools looking into kids’ messages seeing what bullying they can find.  And we can be 100% sure that no staff will go a-looking into what their neighbours are viewing online – or what they’re buying with those now-unsecure credit card payments – or what that kid who was rude to their son is up to on his mum’s PC – or whether that cute year 11 girl has any pics of herself in bikinis.  Nothing will ever go wrong with any of this!  And none of it is in any way foreseeable!

And then understanding that encryption isn’t hard to implement.  Whatsapp aren’t some super geniuses with arcane technology at their beck and call.  It’s quite a simple system that relies on some well known maths.  If Whatsapp goes down then there’s nothing to stop any vaguely tech savvy terrorists making their own messaging app.  The tech isn’t the hard bit; it’s just that the maths is impossible to break into without computers far more powerful than we have at the mo.

But anyway the UK gov are already the most invasive privacy breakers in the “free world” with the most stringent rules on pretty much everything from recording and storing internet logs and powers to demand you provide the passwords to your devices and encryption keys etc.  I know of one chap who’s in prison simply because he refuses to give up the password to an encrypted hard drive.  And if he won’t ever give up the key then they’ll put him straight back in prison again as soon as he’s out.  So that’s potentially a longer sentence for refusing to volunteer a piece of info than for murdering someone.

And we need to make everyone safer apparently.

Despite the fact that we’re safer than we’ve pretty much ever been.  Certainly much more so than when I was a nipper.  Never had all this guff when the IRA was a thing.

One day we may actually have people in charge who aren’t total morons adept at doing nothing more than breaking things.

Isn’t it wonderful on the day of an attack to hear “They hate you because they hate our freedoms” only to hear 2 days later “We have to take your freedoms away because……reasons”?


Telegraph Load…


I couldn’t stop myself.  There’s a “news” story on the Telegraph today about Jeremy Corbyn.  It seems he gets paid to do his job.

And that’s it. Yes you read it correctly.  The bastard gets paid TO DO HIS JOB.

Unbelievable.  Such a champagne socialist.

And further, and you won’t believe this, he is due a pension.  I know!  One that he’s due since he’s done that job for the last 33 years.

I cannot believe it.  The depths this man will stoop to.

But the real scoop here is this magic paragraph – this’ll nobble the guy

Official records also reveal that Mr Corbyn inherited £37,478 from his mother when she passed away in 1987, worth the equivalent of nearly £100,000 today.

Wow.  Speechless. He’s pure scum.

End obvious satire now.

I can’t believe that the Telegraph think this is a suitable piece of journalism in any way.  Simply put “Man does job for salary oh and by the way once inherited an amount less than Dodgy Dave gets yearly tax free from his dad’s offshore tax dodging business”.

I can only think that they will be gaping at the marvellously uncouth reaction on line in some bemusement.

“But but they were all against the PM getting paid a lot.”

NO!  That wasn’t the bloody point.  No-one is grumpy about anybody being paid a lot.  For crying out loud.  Just because the journalists and tory MPs are the sort of people who would be envious doesn’t mean the rest of us are.  And if we were it doesn’t mean that we’d be angry at people earning a lot.  What we’re pissed off about isn’t the amounts, it’s the bloody unfairness of the richest paying less tax than the average worker in the country – and then those people voting for the poorest and least able to defend themselves being shafted by policies designed to hurt them whilst the wealthiest get ever more tax benefits on the pittance they choose to leave in the country before sticking it where the taxman won’t look.  Hell not even “won’t look”, there’s video of the sodding Chancellor advocating for tax evasion on the bloody BBC!  The head of the HMRC called tax “legalized extortion”.  No it’s bloody not.  It’s really not hard to understand.



Car Wars Episode 5 – The Timewasters Strike Back

The saga continues.

I put our dead Ford Galaxy on a local website hoping anyone will buy it.  I put the ad out at 7:18pm.  The first phone call came BEFORE 7:19.  I couldn’t believe it.  The guy wanted first dibs and gave me an offer.  I told him I wouldn’t accept it yet as it’d only been about 30 seconds since I posted the ad.

Anyway he calls the following day too.

And so did plenty of others.  One chap offered me £100 more than I asked for.  Alrighty.  He came across later that day.  Spend 20 minutes with the engine running whilst he was chatting to someone on the phone.  Then he says “My mate is coming from Derby, he’ll be about 10 minutes.”  Fair enough.  “I’ll wait in the road” – IE not blocking the drive.  About 15 mins later I go out to find him and he’s not there.  Give him a call – “Oh I nipped out to get a drink.  I’ll be back there in a minute.”

10 mins later still no sign.  Call again.  “I’ve had to go and pick my mate up.  We’ll be there in a bit.”

And then nothing.

If you don’t want the bloody car then just say so! He never came back.

Next one was a guy who came to see it with pretty much his whole family – they came and hummed and hahhed.  “I’ll call you tomorrow”.

Next day he texted an offer but I had more folk coming to view so I sent him a “If they don’t come or don’t want it I’ll let you know”.  So the others came or didn’t and no offers so I sent him another text but heard nothing again.

Eventually sold to a very dodgy looking Hungarian for less than the asking price but still a decent amount more than We Buy Any Car offered us (which was less than the scrappage price).

And it’s gone hurrah!


Mirror Food

There’s a marvellous article in the Daily Mirror talking about the “scandal” of the NHS provision of gluten free food.  It was also on the front page of the Mail the other day.  Apart from the amount of money being wrong, the point about people getting prescriptions after self-diagnosing with gluten intolerance being wrong, it being free rather than normal prescription cost being wrong , and the bit about cakes and biscuits being available being wrong there was actually an interesting point in there – namely “could it be done any better”?

At present J has GF bread provided by the NHS.  The local pharmacy can’t get the ones he will eat so the dr provides us with a paper prescription – I go there to get this then take it to a different pharmacy that can get it – hand the prescription over then go back nearly a week later to get the loaves.  All a bit of a faff.

Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to be given vouchers for stuff like this – only available to be used on bread, pasta, oats etc and just use them in the supermarkets?  J would get a certain amount of them per month/year and use as necessary.  It would save a lot on bureaucracy and paperwork I’m sure.

The article in the Mirror seemed to be written by a particularly clueless person who seemed outraged that the NHS was funding “food”.  “If I want to diet I wouldn’t expect the NHS to prescibe me Ryvita and cottage cheese” she says.  “There’s an obesity crisis and this is adding to it” she says.  Oh dear oh dear.


Logic lessons

The Mail has a grumpy story about a local authority paying someone to teach school children how to use Wikipedia.  It’s political correctness gone mad.  Ok so not political correctness.  Err what words can we use to describe the sheer madness and waste of money?

How about “It’s a bloody good idea”?  What will they be complaining about next?  Paying primary teachers that teach our children to read and write?  “Well I can read and write so why can’t they?  Why do we need to pay someone to teach that simple stuff?”.  And the commenters make the point that Wiki isn’t very reliable (err it is, studies HAVE looked at its reliability and they put it as as good as the Encyclopeadia Britannica).

How many people really think that this is about “OK kids what do you want to know about? OK type it into Wikipedia.”

Hopefully not very many.

So what will they be doing?  Hopefully – “You lot are going to be using Wikipedia and other online sources in the next few years of school, college and university.  We’ll now learn how to distinguish between fact and opinion; truth and controversy; bias and minimizing it.  And how do we know that Wikipedia is correct?”

A common school thing may be “Write a thingy about climate change”.  There’s a heck of a lot online about the topic.  There’s an awful lot of factual stuff and more noisy garbage than you can shake a stick at.  Teaching people how to navigate this stuff is going to be absolutely vital in the future.  Note NOT telling people what is true but showing them how to double check references; how to read academic papers; how to spot charlatanism; spotting sources of funding.  And on and on.

But apparently this is a waste of money.  Just no.


There’s a lot of crap around

Well isn’t the news fun recently?

We’ve had executions, burnings, bombings, shootings, threats and war.  Russia seems to think that the west cares about subjugating them hence is deciding that invading other countries will stop the west hating them.  China is flexing its muscles over the Pacific.  And Turkey is led by an idiot who thinks that Turkey needs a presidential palace rather than a secure future.  Why Turkey? Well it’s a NATO member with the power to cut off the Black Sea – handy when it’s access to the Black Sea that Russia wanted with Crimea.

Then we have men the world over who think women should just shut up and do what they’re told.  Women who think their daughters should have horrific scars to their genitals, because “it’s the done thing”.  Children being trained in using weaponry.

And then UK politics has gone down the pan.

  • Conservatives are all in it together with the rest of us.  Benefits for the poorest and most vulnerable get cut but then so does tax for the wealthiest.  That’s all good and fair.  The NHS won’t get a “top-down reorganisation” and won’t be sold off.  But gets an immediate “top-down reorganisation” and is being sold off.  There “are no plans to raise VAT”, but VAT is immediately raised.  And on and on.
  • Labour seem to have become the most ineffective bunch of PR spouting nobodies led by someone almost universally derided (unfairly no doubt but still).  No possibly controversial policies because that would mean people may not vote for them.  Really?  The party that set up the NHS, brought in worker’s rights (paid time off and maternity leave, benefits from cradle to grave etc) has no policies of note?  Certainly nothing like maybe nationalising the railways or power utilities – hell even tory voters want those things.  Useless tosspots the lot of them.
  • Lib Dems – spineless goons enabling the worst of the tory lot – the less said about them the better.
  • UKIP – one man band changing policy on the fly when it’s noted that it’s a rubbish idea (flat tax is one example).  Based on an “everyman” illusion as the men involved are all far right public school tories who work in banking and investment.  Tell me again which sector completely failed which led to the total screwing up on the western economy for years?  We could have secured bloody nuclear fusion for the amount of money (£1.5 trillion – how much better would it have been if we’d just given that money evenly to the population – we might then be able to afford houses and food and gas bills instead of not being able to get mortgages and loans now – that £1.5 trillion is £25000 each per person in the UK) we bailed these idiots out with!  Great party to vote for if you don’t want maternity leave, minimum wage, unfair dismissals tribunals, the NHS, or a planet worth inhabiting.  And tacitly endorsed by Russia – our bestest friends.
  • The Greens – radical ideas.  But as Yes Prime Minister said – the worst thing a civil servant can tell a minister is “That’s a brave policy”.  People haven’t warmed to the ideas yet.  Some of the policies look deeply stupid – see women’s prisons and universal salary – but we’ll never know as they’re hardly going to get the chance to present them.

And then the voting system is so stupid that any smaller parties are stymied by the first past the post method.  We could have had something better but the public didn’t bloody vote for it – so hard luck.  Carry on whinging about the two main parties you’re now stuck with because you couldn’t see far enough to change that damn system.  Idiots.

And then you get the morons that see that their vote doesn’t count so they don’t.  And then the more famous tell others not to – Russell bloody Brand I’m looking at you.

So the winners get in with 30% of the vote, which might only be 60% turnout so that’s what 20% of the electorate.  Then they have the balls to call that a mandate.  But then it doesn’t matter because they’ll go against what they promised immediately anyway (see Cons NHS stuff) with no sanction available to anyone – what’s the bloody point of a manifesto if it’s in no way binding?

Ah what’s the bloody point.


Bugger King

This Xmas R’s mum bought us some mugs.  Lovely mugs.  We needed new mugs.

Anyways I broke one the other day.  I didn’t mean to.  Haven’t broken anything for ages.  And of course it has to be this new mug.  Damn.

Anyway I proposed to get a replacement.  They were from Denby, just up the road from here, great.

This weekend we headed off as family to the Denby factory.  Whilst en-route I had a brainwave – why not go to the localish Retail Outlet thingy.  It has a Denby shop as well as plenty of other shops for other stuff wot we need.  And we can get J some gluten free fish and chips from off of Harry Ramsdens.  We’ve had them before – grand – deal sealed.

So off we go.  Denby shop open – they don’t have that mug – “Try the factory shop in Denby” – argh!

To the food hall thingy.  At the Ramsdens we ask “Gluten free fish and chips please”.

Drone – “Check the poster”

There’s always a little poster at these places with what on the menu has got what in it etc.

And they’ve stopped doing the gluten free fish and chips.  At least at this branch..  Bugger!  Upset J as he never gets fish and chips and he likes them.

So what else can he have?  Pretty much nothing here.

There’s a Burger King – all pretty off limits.  A noodle place – soy sauce and noodles both gluteny so that’s off limits.  A spud-u-like?  Promising, ah no, he’s not keen.

So we went back to Burger King.

R – “Excuse me, are the chips gluten-free?”

Drone – “Sorry, I’m not allowed to tell you.”


Anyway we check the website.  No help – possibly due to being on a small phone rather than a laptop.  Googling it doesn’t help.  The poster in BK said “No gluten”.  So we risked it.  We weren’t too sure it paid off tho.  J started to get some redness on his face which was one of the very first signs anything was wrong way back when he hadn’t been diagnosed.  Later I tweeted at BK only to be told “We don’t recommend our products for coeliacs”.


Kinell!  Still at least it means we never have to eat at crappy burger places again.

Later on a got a tweet back from BK saying that they have full info on their website but I’ll be darned if I’ve found where it says “Not suitable for coeliacs”.


Down the Rabbit Hole

This is a sort of follow-on from the last post.

After spending most of my life blissfully unaware of the crap that women have to go through in certain circles (Eg tech jobs) I’ve learned an awful lot of pretty disturbing stuff recently.

It started with Rebecca Watson asking men nicely not to hit on her when attending events where she was talking about the objectification of women in her world.  This as previously noted has landed her with the status of pariah, a man-hating harridan who’s clearly ugly, self-obsessed and a professional victim.

Others such as Melody Hensley also got the same grief.  Ostensibly for saying she has PTSD as a result of abuse but that preceding abuse was mainly for the crime of “being female whilst talking about stuff”.

And now it’s the GamerGate loonies bashing down on Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, Zoe Quinn, and other women.  But oddly never on the men who are supporting these women.  Hmm I wonder why that is?

I’m a dad; I have 2 daughters; I’d love it if both of the girls end up as feisty, intelligent, motivated and outspoken (when necessary) as the women named above.  Absolutely love it.  I’d also love it if they didn’t have to put up with the endless shite these women have had to endure (and are still having to endure).

So, trying to get my head around what the hell is going on I’ve been reading a lot.  Specifically reading a lot of what the abusers and their “side” have been writing; trying to get an idea of just what’s in their heads.

Christ it’s a horrible place to visit.

Delusions, victimhood, anger, jealousy and more.  And that’s on the less vicious sites.

And all because women have asked to be treated more nicely.  And THAT’S IT!  Nothing more.

One bloke wrote a long blog post about why he voted for the Republican party in a US election recently solely because he was fed up with “feminists”.  He claimed he was a liberal white male but they’d driven him to vote for the enemy as they’re the only ones who can stop this tide of “extreme feminism”.

All they’re asking for is not to be looked down on, nor treated badly, for simply being female!  It’s really not hard to understand but the wilful misreading and self-victimisation is rampant around those parts.

The GamerGate lot have set up support groups all over the place.  An echo chamber where they rally against their opponents (read: ordinary people who mainly don’t give 2 hoots about the whole bloody issue because IT ISN’T IMPORTANT…AT ALL) and laugh and point whilst desperately trying to organise consumer boycotts or worse.

The websites they link to are amazingly instructive.  NOTE:  clearly I can’t link to every website about this.  Clearly some people will be loonies, others will be more measured.  BUT the fact remains that there are loonies out there; and in the echo chamber of online forums it’s perfectly likely that like-minded people will reinforce each other’s beliefs.

So.  One bloke set up “A gaming site for those who support #gamergate”.  The welcome page not only states that:

“I am not a gamer”

But also:

“I aim to protect the interests of heterosexual Western males”

So you see, it’s clearly about “ethics in game journalism”.  What?  You don’t see it?  Surely not.

Other quotes from the welcome page:

They want to relabel consensual sex as “rape” and relabel innocent flirting as “harassment,”

Erm, no.

“they’ve successfully infected the gaming industry and gaming journalist sites by damaging the very nature of gaming development to fit their extreme political agenda. “

Erm, no.

And my favourite:

We won’t exclude homosexuals or attractive women from commenting on our articles”

Well that’s nice isn’t it?  See they’re letting the gays comment.  But no ugly birds please.  Lovely.

I thought that was all pretty bad but then this:

“Have you heard of Return Of Kings?”

Well have you?  Apparently it’s another website this chap runs.  Full of edifying articles such as “5 Reasons why Girls With Tattoos and Piercings are Broken” (wow); “The Bill Cosby Rape Scandal Is Just Another Example Of Modern Hysteria” (wow!); “Never Fully Give a Woman Your Loyalty – because they won’t either” (wow!!) and “How To Avoid The 3 Worst Qualities Of The Beta Male” (wow!!!).

NB Alpha Male is defined as having confidence, courage and determination.  “Beta” is the worst insult these chaps have, along with “SJW” (social justice warrior – IE someone who isn’t them) and “White Knight” (man who publically stands up for a woman).

The best (read “most horrific”) article I saw there is:

“5 Lines That Potential Wives Cannot Cross”

This was where the lunacy stopped being laughable and crossed into upsetting and frightening.  Now I’m safe, I’m a bloke, white and heterosexual.  But then in their world I’m a white-knighting SJW beta-tard.  But I really do fear for the girls in later years if this sort of shit is still ongoing.

So the article.  What do these magic red lines include?

  • “You don’t reject me ever.”

Yes you read that right.  They ARE actually arguing for rape within marriage.  If you ever thought rape was a crime of passion rather than one of control then this should change your mind.  The whole article is about how to control your woman (she’s always a possessed item, not an independent person); and what techniques you should use to control her.

  • “I make the decisions, not you.”

Yep.  Another play from the domestic abuse workbook.

  • “I don’t touch the children till they can walk.”

How deeply sad and self-defeating is this?  They’re advocating never holding your baby, never helping to feed, bathe or clothe their own child.  It almost makes me cry (ooh! Beta!) to think how much I’d have missed if I was somehow barred from being involved in my kids’ early months.  How anyone can think this is a good thing is beyond me.

  • “You have left your old family and joined mine.”

And another domestic abuse”must do”.

Wowsers.  And they say romance is dead.  If you ever wanted a manifesto for domestic abuse then this is it.  In what way is sex with someone who’s scared of you, or scared of the reaction if they say no, NOT rape?  Never read anything quite so repellent.

I hoped this site was a one off but there are plenty more out there.  They call themselves “Red pill”ers.  A reference to the Matrix movie.  The Red Pill is apparently about embracing the painful truth of reality.  In other words “men should be men”, women should be feminine and docile.  There are scores of discussions about how to pick up girls by being horrible to them.  How to control women.  And on and on.  It’s bloody disgraceful.

Look boys: If you want to get laid then TRY BEING A NICE PERSON.

Oh that doesn’t work either apparently.  Their “I’m a nice guy and the girls always go for the alpha idiots” refrain is constant.  Being “friend-zoned” is all they can aspire to being a beta.

And it’s a downward spiral.

“Me man, you mine” doesn’t always work so when rejected (clearly by a feminist or lesbian or lesbian feminist) they go and vent only to be told to be more alpha.  And you end with woman hating maniacs when they are constantly rebuffed for being an absolute arsehole to any woman that is unlucky enough to be in their presence.  The ultimate absurd endpoint for some is murder, as seen by the guy invoked in the anti-Anita Sarkeesian rant (which resulted in her cancelling a talk) when this idiot killed a number of women at a university in Canada.  Simply “coz ov teh feminismz”.

Well bloody well count me amongst the feminists please.  The women publically standing up to these idiots are absolute stars and should be admired greatly.  Their opponents however seem to be the lowest form of pond scum imaginable.

“But someone will take my computer games away.” is the pathetic, and totally untrue, bleat.

Oh do grow up you pathetic morons.


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