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We had a busy weekend!

It started as usual with J and L going to their swimming lessons and N going to her music thingy (she’s sounding bloody good at her violin at the mo – grade 4 exam coming up in a couple of weeks).

After this we headed to Nottingham Uni to see their “Wonders” day.  It was basically lots of stuff for kids to come and look at and do.  We were hoping to meet Nicky and her boys there too (and Roger et al if they made it).  It was hot.  Very hot.  We parked up but there was no sign nor anyone to point anything out – all we saw was the Uni campus (a very nice one it should be said).  Eventually we headed somewhere – kids were whinging due to the heat and needing to eat.  We called Nicky and said where we were.  She arrived soon with M and m and we chatted for maybe 5 mins before they headed off and pointed us at somewhere some stuff was on.  Hopefully we’ll meet up again later in the afternoon.

We ended up in the pharmacy building and did experiments with sweets and star jumps and reaction times and illusions and dinosaur stuff and 3d printing and and and.

We ended up there for 2.5 hours.  By which time we had had enough (and had to get home) and Nicky et al had gone home.  And we’d seen 1 building worth of stuff.  Turns out we missed about 90% of the event.

So home with a bunch of whingy kids (still hot, hungry and wanting ice cream).

N and R had to go to a scouts thingy in Derby pretty much as soon as we got home.  J and L played with water in the garden.

And that was Satdy.

Yesterday I had my yearly enforced lie in with breakfast delivered after some apparent stresses audible from downstairs.  Still it was a lovely bacon sandwich with mushrooms.  Ta.

Then to the park to meet friends for food and chats but then we had to zoom off to sit in a different field with family and others at “The Big Lunch”.  We had to leave the first one early to get to the second one late.  Too many things!

And then L went up to a friend’s place to play in a pool.  J and N played with water bombs and such for a bit whilst we drank beer and cooked.  And then dinner with B and J from up the road.  And then it was 10 o’clock.

And I’d forgotten to call my dad.  Happy Father’s Day for yesterday pops!


Fat shamed?

A comedian I listen to a lot, I like her work and she sounds lovely, just sounded off on Twitter.  She’s a larger lady and apparently a cosmetic company and a cancer research charity have been “fat shaming” this week.  It seems their crimes were to publicly point out that

a: 2/3rds of the UK adult population is overweight or obese.

b: 70% of deaths have some lifestyle aspect or preventable cause about them (obviously 100% of people die but eg smoking would contribute somewhat towards an earlier death)

c: obesity is the 2nd most prevalent preventable cause of cancer there is (after smoking).

She was NOT happy. And made this known in quite florid language.

So is this “fat shaming”?

Seems not to me.  But I’m only in the “overweight” category, maybe I’m not the target audience for the “fat acceptance” movement (yes there is one).

Nothing these orgs wrote is untrue; and it doesn’t seem that how they said it was in any way accusatory (it was basically in the tone of the words I wrote above).  You could argue that Cancer Research UK’s job is to get more people to avoid cancer and information is part of the mechanism.  I was vaguely aware that weight was a risk factor for cancer but I had it much more as an issue for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  So it’s done its job of informing me that it’s a big cancer risk.  Is it “shaming” me?  No.

Is telling women to have their kids younger so they avoid a drop in fertility and an increase in Down’s risk once they’re in their 40’s ageism or sexism?  I’d say not – it’s just medicine isn’t it?  Likewise encouraging people to stop smoking isn’t “smoking shaming”.  Yes older women can have healthy babies, yes smokers can live full and sickness-free lives and fat folk do live to a ripe old age and not get diabetes or heart disease but the tendency is that certain conditions bring about certain risks.

Is the “fat acceptance” idea simply that the world should simply avoid pointing out stuff to everyone on the basis that fat people might get upset?  That’s the only thing I can see here.  Surely this just means that there’s shame already there just under the surface.  There must be at least some awareness that, on average, obesity isn’t a healthy life choice.  (And yes I do know how hard it is to lose weight and that mental health issues and certain physical issues also contribute.)  But whatever we should risk some people not getting information that could be helpful to them on the basis that some other people might get upset by hearing that information?

Living a certain way because you either have to or want to is fine.  No shame for doing so but to deny the reality of the consequences of that is ridiculous to me.

But then, I’ve never lived with people pointing and whispering or shouting “oi fatty” at me.


The Gay Stone

N has recently started secondary school and it all seems rather fun.  She’s had a whole week and met all her teachers.  Seems one of them (music) has a reputation for being a bit of a git.  In his first lesson he sent a boy out of class without actually telling him why.  On his first lesson.  Rule 1 of discipline is surely letting the victim know what he’s being punished for.  Eventually it turned out that he didn’t have his shirt fully tucked in.  We asked a friend who’s a secondary teacher about this and she was horrified.

Just what is it with music teachers?  A music teacher screwed up my interest in music and singing way back when.  I hope this kid doesn’t have to hold a grudge for the next however many years.

But the main worry is “The Gay Stone”.

N gets a bus to and from school and there’s a place to wait to get the bus at school for the journey home.  There’s a clock tower with a stone under it.  This is “The Gay Stone – touch it and you’re a GAY”.

Oh how tiresome.  N and one of her new friends deliberately went and touched it to make a point about this idiocy.  I’ve suggested the wittiest retort to use if bullied with “You touched The Gay Stone – you’re a gayer – eurrghhh!”


Oh why are children so bloody childish?


Seems that a bunch of kids had had the same issues with this nonsense and yesterday N arrived at the bus stop to be greeted with loads of kids all touching (?standing on) the gay stone and loudly proclaiming that a: they weren’t gay and 2: what the hell would it matter anyway?  She joined in.  Some kids are great.


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No running, no heavy petting, no diving…

Lordy would you believe it?  It’s now 6 years since little Dorrie Bear was born.  I remember the day – dashed back to Leicester from Derby to help them out with a delivery – not that one but some food and that from Asda – whilst they were still in the hospital.

Anyway D had a party in Leicester yesterday so off we troop to Braunstone Leisure centre for a pool party!  Whee.

Kids joined in and had great fun.  I spent most of my time looking after L who smiled and giggled throughout.  J managed to do some ace swimming for the best part of an hour.

After the pool were sandwiches and crisps and grapes and that.  Along with some dancing and hitting people with balloons.  There was a lovely bit where the little CD player started on “Let It Go” and you could just hear a quiet murmuring of people joining in around the room.   My lot joined in lustily.

And then we were done.  All good fun.  It was a shame we didn’t see much of P&C really but that’ll be rectified soon enough I hope.

Ah, a good day.


A nod to hypocrisy

“OMG! He didn’t bow!  Did he bow?  He didn’t bow.  Look, look!  The loathsome hater of all things British.  AND!  And and and! He says that he’s going to read a poem that says war is futile.  Well the evil scumbag. How can he be there, he hates us, he hates us all; he hates YOU.  He hates us nasty hobbitses…yes yes yes he does…”

And that seems to be the tenor of the coverage of the cenotaph remembrance ceremony starring Britain hating Jeremy Corbyn.

And most of this nonsense is coming from The Sun newspaper.  Ah yes that bastion of virtue and patriotism.  But didn’t they, I’m sure they did didn’t they, didn’t they hack the phones of dead servicemen and women (and their families)?  That can’t be right?  Aren’t they the arbiters of all that is good and holy?  Patriotism means invading the privacy of grieving relatives at their time of gravest distress no?

Considering that he’s apparently got no hope of either winning an election nor of even lasting to the next general election according to those same papers he certainly does seem to have them rattled enough to play this appallingly transparent bullshit.


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