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Total Recall

The call is “austerity”.  We mustn’t spend more than we need.

Apparently this doesn’t hold when an elderly lady dies.  Whatever your views on this particular old lady it does seem odd that someone who championed the view that public money shouldn’t be spent when private money could do the job is going to be buried at huge public cost.  Where’s the bidding process for the lowest priced contractor?  She’d be horrified.

Not only that but the blinking parliament was recalled.  For what?  That process in itself was costly as MPs get money back for cancelled plans and travel and housing costs.  I read the Mail yesterday.  They were complaining that around 150 Labour MPs didn’t show up to eulogise their sainted Baroness.  In any other circumstance MPs refusing to show up for a pointless session thus saving quite a decent whack of money would be lauded by them as making a stand against wasteful government.

Why does parliament get recalled anyway?  Previous recalls involved discussions about mobilising to war (Gulf war, Bosnia, Falklands) or discussions about how to deal with terrorist attacks (WTC and Ulster).  The only one I can find where it was recalled for someone dying was the late Queen Mother.  And I’d argue that this was pointless and wasteful too.

Nothing like a whopping great dose of hypocrisy from both the government and their spokesrag.


News update

There seem to be 2 news stories of note at present.

  1. Old lady dies of old age shock!
  2. North Korea – weak leader ramping up rhetoric to show strength.

The news I’ve read about Korea makes it obvious that the new guy is a puppet of the government/military and not the other way round.  Apparently the NK soldiers love a good mobilisation to war as it means they get fed properly for a change.  The military leaders get to check up on all their hardware and the leader gets to show his strength.  A win-win-win for them.  Sadly a weak leader isn’t what the area really needs.  It’s a shame what’s happening in Burma isn’t also happening in NK. Maybe one day.  But then again it could only happen after lots more deaths and violence.  Sigh.

Edit:  And back to point 1.  I’ve noticed in both The Mail and The Telegraph that there seems to be an odd response to some of the people celebrating her death.  namely that they include a large number of people who are too young to have lived much (or at all) under her premiership.  Are these the same papers that constantly whinge about the youth of today not being interested in anything important such as politics?  Which do they want?  Too uninterested or too interested?  Perhaps they’d prefer people to be “about the right amount interested”.  I wonder if that amount is “have heard of politicians but not really sure who they are or what they stand for”.  Very odd response to people knowing about, or at least having an interest in, recent history.  I never lived under Churchill but I’ve got some idea of who he was and what happened under his leadership.  But maybe the ToryMail thinks I shouldn’t have an opinion as I wasn’t around then.


Well I never

Shock as school caught trying to teach!  The nerve of the place!


Heart’s racing

We’ve just seen the oddest ever article on local TV news.

There’s a surgeon (cardiac) doing a “course” for racing drivers.  Well that’s how the segment started.  OK, some thing about cardiovascular fitness no doubt?  Not as far as we could tell.

They cut to a morning briefing at the hospital with an F3 driver sitting in.  Then they show him in operating garb watching as this surgeon worked.  At no point was there anything about what this surgeon was doing that was suppoed to help racing drivers.

We came to the conclusion that this surgeon (incidentally a Sikh gent – as all the local car freaks seem to be) just wanted to meet people with flashier cars than him.


What’s wrong?

There was a health news story in the local rag yesterday. In short there’s young woman with paralysis via a non-physical cause.  She’s been in hospital for ages both in the US and Nottingham and Leicester.  The doctors can find no physical cause despite plenty of looking.

She’s in no acute danger so they quite reasonably wanted her to stop taking up a bed in the hospital.  All good so far.

The hospital got to the point of asking for the best part of £300 a day if she continued to take up space unnecessarily.  Still all good.

The bad seems to be that the family are outraged.  Why?

When I worked in a hospital we had a bed-blocker whose son wouldn’t let her be discharged on the basis of “Well what if she falls again?”  Well if that happens she either gets up and dusts herself off or comes back into hospital.

These people seem to want to use the hospital as a care home.  That’s not what it’s for.  The saddest thing is that this latest story should really be a non-story.  All she’s doing is parading her mental health issues through the media which will likely have 2 effects.

1 is for other people to give unwarranted reinforcement to her delusion thus locking her in to it some more.  And 2 is to allow plenty of us to say “£300?  Is that all?”  I found an Irish study that suggests a stay on a ward in Ireland would be about €850.  A US study suggested an overnight stay in a Swiss hospital would be US$617 whereas one in the US would be around $3600.

I think £300 is pretty good value for unnecessary acute medical care.

Anyway here’s hoping she gets the help she needs.  Best wishes.

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Odd story

Saw this story the other day on the Mail’s website.  Seems that loads of people, when asked, say that we should rescind the ban on smacking.  Even more odd loads said that the smacking ban would have stopped the riots of last summer.  Not quite sure how that would work.

That’s odd enough but the real kicker is:

There isn’t a ban on smacking in this country.

This is as odd as people complaining about “jaywalkers” and “how come the police don’t do nuffink about ’em”.  Well mainly ‘cos that’s not illegal here either!  All it takes is a bit of cultural importation and a kneejerk response to assume everything’s going down the pan for people to get all huffty about non-story.

Mind you it does prove the story that right-wingers are thick. (Mind you I half expect that story to be a troll on the part of the Mail just to see what lefties think of it before the reveal)


It makes sense now!

I’ve been following the whole death of the News of the World thing with a little bit of interest.  I’m not going to witter about why Murdoch is a hideous and malign influence on anything that is good or decent.  Nor am I going to witter about why the death of that paper doesn’t mean the death of gutter journalism.  Plenty of folk have done that to death.

However the aspect that surprised me was the massive support that Rupert is giving to his chief exec.  There’s loads of shots of them off out to eat together; him saying that she’s his greatest priority at the moment etc..  But why can this be?

I can only think of 3 reasons.  I think number 3 is most likely:

  1. She has embarrassing photos or information of him and his family.
  2. They have a “fruity” relationship where she manages to give him more than he’s had elsewhere.
  3. They are both David Icke’s shape shifting alien lizard people who are in charge of everything that happens anywhere in the world.

I can think of no other possibility.


Putting the Moron into Mail

I was in a local shop today and whilst waiting to be served I saw the newspaper stand with all its blaring headlines.  One stuck out as it was a story that wasn’t about a footballer getting a valuable away goal or some geordie lass whose accent would never have played in America.  It was the Mail on Sunday’s headline in fact.

No in fact it was the entire front page as far as I could see.  There was a story about the BBC (filth-ridden, tax burdenous scum the lot of them) and how they scandalised the nation by broadcasting a rude word, no THE rudest word, at 6.30pm on a Friday a few months back.

I don’t know how we all missed the story when it happened as it was obviously a massive thing to be deserving of a whole front page of a national newspaper.  Clearly there can be no other things of national and international importance ongoing that deserve precedence over this outrage.

I wasn’t about to buy the rag so I looked online when I got home again.

Once into the detail of the story it turns out that they didn’t broadcast the word at all, merely hinting at it in a scripted link between questions on an episode of the News Quiz.  So could this be right?  A national front page story about a swear word that wasn’t even uttered?  Apparently so.

Brace yourselves, I am about to repeat the joke:

“The tories, putting the n into cuts”

A little risque but hardly deserving of moral outrage.  Despite the not-at-all feigned outrage, of this utter non-story the paper even then re-prints the joke in full without any censorship.  So not even a slight bit hypocritical then?

The BBC has had a long history of risque comedy on the radio from the Goon Show’s “Hugh Jampton” through Round the Horne’s beautifully disgraceful pushing of the boundaries to near breaking point to ISIHAC (“brushing the dust and wax off in the dark”) and more.  So what’s special about this incident?

And isn’t radio 4 supposed to be a grown-ups channel?  I hardly think there’ll be a million bored and impressionable teens sat listening to the News Quiz of a Friday evening.

Was it a cavalcade of complaints that set this off?  No?  In fact there was a startling total of 1 complaint.  Yes, 1.  Against one of radio 4’s most listened to shows.  Thankfully the complaint was thrown out.  This was what kicked off the news story.

But what’s the actual story here?  Could it be the Mail’s relentless campaign to use any ammo whatsoever to try and kill the BBC?  The most respected broadcaster anywhere in the world?  Probably.  What a depressing world it would be if the piece of vile nastiness that is the Mail manages to impoverish the culture of this country yet further.


Just wow!

Just seen an advert for a loan shark company on tv.  You know that bit on ads for lending wot says what the APR is?  Well the ad I’ve just seen quoted an “equivalent APR of”


Just wow!

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