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See right.

Twitter stream for all and sundry.  Seems to work.  Good.


Ad nonsense

Anyone know anything about ads on websites?  I’ve just noticed that my blog is flagging up some words or phrases and clicking these links to some tedious US shop (that no-one browsing here would be interested in).  I’ve had a look around and can’t find how on earth this happens or where it came from.  It even beats Adblock Plus on my PC.  Anyone got any ideas?


Made a Masa t’that

We had a date!  It’s been a while but we went out for a meal.  Yes just us two.

We went to a place called Masa.  It gets rave reviews and friends have recommended it.  Fair enough.

The place is a lovely old Wesleyan chapel and just to set the mood it started gently snowing as we walked up to it.  First impressions were favourable.  Nice place, warm, bit posh.

We got our drinks and sat down.  They brought canapes!  Very nice they were too.  The bar is downstairs but the restaurant is up on the chapel balconies.  We were led upstairs up what looked like the original stairs to the balcony.  Very nice indeed. Properly lovely venue.

We were then led to the highest point at the back of the building and offered a seat in a little cubicle with low walls (IE not closed off from the other diners).  The table fitted very snugly into the cubicle which left little room for wiggling myself round to get to the best seat.  Not very dignified but really not fussed as the venue is so interesting.

The food was next.  After the lovely canapes we had the tiniest cup of soup.  Was nice but R thought it a little bland.  Starters next: I had a guinea fowl and sausage terrine with accoutrements, R had the prawns.  Mine was smashing, really very nice; R thought hers was a little bland.  Mains next: I had slow cooked pork; R had guinea fowl.  Mine was good but not smashing; R thought hers was a little bland.

You may have spotted a theme here.  I have to agree with R that her food was bland.  It definitely did not live up to the swankiness of the venue (nor the cost of the food).  Ah well.  The head waiter guy did ask how we thought it was and R broke convention and actually told him.

After puddings, expensive and nothing special, we headed home.

Now I had to re-negotiate the awkward table/cubicle combination.  I was also now carrying the bottle of wine that we’d ordered but were far from finishing off.  Once out the cubicle; again a struggle not best dignified; I started to make my way down the stairs.  Dark brown stairs that weren’t terribly well lit.  I managed to slip down one step and flew forwards.  My ankle made a lovely crunch noise and then the rest of me made a thud as I hit the floor.  The wine bottle did NOT break! I saved it.  Unfortunately my ankle was not so lucky and it hurt a lot.  There was an immediate response from the staff who were very keen to see if I was ok.  After hobbling downstairs again I thought a sit down would be beneficial.  Then I started to feel sick and also desperately needed the loo.  R told me that I’d gone very pale.  Wasn’t fun.

I’d only had a half pint of lager and a smidgen of wine but it must have looked for all the world that a drunkard with a bottle of wine had fallen.  R still laughs when telling people about it.

Yesterday my ankle was twice the size of the unaffected one.  Hopefully nothing too bothersome in the long run but I expect to have some damage to one of the ankle ligaments at best.  Having said that since starting this post I’ve managed to walk quite a way with less and less pain.  Should be painless pretty soon.  I’ll have to check the ligaments in a while tho.

Good job I’m not litigious.


Not just me then

Seems I’m not the only one who wants to see people do well (as per here):

Lovely article in the Grauniad.



Long time no writing… again.

Life is busy and changed somewhat and I’m getting very little time to write anything.

I’m doing an OU course, driving a couple of hours a day and spending my waking hours at home doing the family thing.  Really not getting time at work (lunchtime as I write this) either.

I do miss writing here so I’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.




I’m doing an OU course at the mo and occasionally get an emailed “magazine”.  I’ve never normally read it but one article stuck out.


Hello again, long time no hear etc…

I particularly like the line

I have a tendency to stomp around ranting about maths to anyone who’ll listen

Seems very Biskupian.

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We went to Ilam with Ruth, John and Matthew this weekend.  Nice day including a picnic in a hailstorm.

Pics here.



I really am going to get round to typing some more about my trip soon.  I really have been awfy busy since I’ve been back what with stuff going on in Leicester and Derby as well as catching up with work stuff galore.

Hopefully the MJC stuff at least will be up later this evening. 

Then maybe I can get to the news stuff I want to talk about as well.



Low tech

Cocking internetz am down again!  Grr.


Weird photo stat

I’ve just spotted an oddity with my photo gallery page.

When I put some juggling photos on there AND mention it on rec.j I get a decent number of views.  EG The Scottish Juggling Con this year has around 300 views; Bath and Chocfest are both in the 200s.  This is about right.

But, for some reason I can’t fathom, the Lestival ones from this year shot up from around that number to a startling “929” views as at time of writing.

Anyone any idea?

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