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What the bloody hell is happening today?

We’ve threatened war against Spain? Sorry?  Spain?  Yes Spain!  Really?

What bloody alternative reality have we woken up into?  Sorry, war with Spain?


Words cannot express just how screwed up this is.

And now the lunatics are banging on about Easter.  We’ve had the utterly fraudulent “war on Christmas” bullshit handed to us over the last few years in some lame attempt to smear motives onto people who have none.  But this is utterly ridiculous.

Cadbury may well be a crappy company but being told that they’ve “whitewashed Easter from their advertising” is easily noticeable bullshit.  It takes ooh maybe a second of googling to actually see what their advertising is.  And the poor National Trust getting dragged into this – a more Women’s Institute – C of E institution it would hard to think of.  And they’re avoiding mentioning Easter?  Really?  Again 1 second of googling gives the lie to this.

And we’ve had the Prime Minister.  Yes the bloody Prime Minister – saying that she’s appalled by this white-washing of Easter.  It’s NOT BLOODY TRUE.  Could we please have leaders who have a cocking first clue about what the hell is going on?

And then bloody Farage weighs in.  Yes he’s appalled too.  You know, really appalled by this (you remember this thing that isn’t true and hasn’t happened).  And he bangs on about the “Judeo-Christian” background to this country’s history.

Firstly I’m not really sure the Jews have much celebration of Easter.

Secondly Cadbury’s was indeed set up by Quakers – who also don’t celebrate Easter.

Thirdly they ARE loudly and publicly celebrating Easter (both Cadbury’s AND The National Trust).

Fourthly – where the hell in the bible are there eggs and bunnies? Who was Easter? Ah yes a pagan deity – oh, she shouldn’t be in the bible then….

Fifthly when the HELL does Farage get to spout off hypocritically about being Christian?  No doubt he’s forgotten all those calls to aid the poor and refugees that some bloke in the book keeps banging on about.


Leviticus 19:33-34 and 24:22 – When the foreigner resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the foreigner.  The foreigner who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the foreigner as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt:  I am the Lord your God.”

Malachi 3:5 – The messenger will bear witness against those who thrust aside the foreigner.

Luke 3:11 – “Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none…”

Romans 12:13 – “Mark of the true Christian: “…Extend hospitality to strangers…”

The hypocrisy is just breathtaking.  He’s probably also forgotten one of those, oh what are they called, oh yes “commandments” that says, oh what was it, ah yes “don’t bear false witness.”

So pleased to see the disgusting misuse of faith in this ridiculous storm in a teacup made up “story”.  I’m sure it’s nothing to do with being a distraction from the “war with Spain” imbecility – or the report that says that current benefit cuts will dump a further 250000 children into literal poverty, or the story that we’re now selling more weapons to Saudi Arabia or…..



After last week’s awful attack in London there appears to be a concerted attempt to blame all forms of communication for it.  The Mail did a special feature on Google being the terrorists’ friend because apparently you are able to search for “how to use a car for terrorism”.  Quite why it took 3 of their journalists to google “how to drive a car into people” is beyond me.

Anyway we now have gov MPs on telly demanding that Google and other tech allow the government “back doors” into their tech.  Despite literally thousands of tech people continually telling them that “it’s not possible” they still keep gannin an aboot it.

Then why is it impossible?  Simply that the tech relies on encryption.  If we didn’t have it then the internet wouldn’t work.  We’d have no “e-commerce”, no messenging services, no internet banking.  You can’t build a back-door into this because it’s then immediately an Achilles heel that any malign power could use to get in and hence break things.  It might be a crime group looking at breaking into banks, dodgy governments or companies doing cyber sneaking or inserting malign programs into computers around the globe.  With encryption a lot of this is impossible.  Without encryption the system just doesn’t work.

So besides the actual literal impossibility of carrying on with tech “back doors” what else is wrong with the idea?

There’s clearly a privacy issue – not a deal breaker for some maybe but there certainly is an issue for me.  The gov are not allowed to open your post without a warrant but you can be sure that T May and pals will be happy to give the police your emails and messages without one – if not today then tomorrow.  And who will do the looking?  No doubt it’ll start with the police but end up with local council staff looking into council tax issues or school admission fraud.  Hardly terrorist masterminds stuff.  Hell they’ll probably even end up having schools looking into kids’ messages seeing what bullying they can find.  And we can be 100% sure that no staff will go a-looking into what their neighbours are viewing online – or what they’re buying with those now-unsecure credit card payments – or what that kid who was rude to their son is up to on his mum’s PC – or whether that cute year 11 girl has any pics of herself in bikinis.  Nothing will ever go wrong with any of this!  And none of it is in any way foreseeable!

And then understanding that encryption isn’t hard to implement.  Whatsapp aren’t some super geniuses with arcane technology at their beck and call.  It’s quite a simple system that relies on some well known maths.  If Whatsapp goes down then there’s nothing to stop any vaguely tech savvy terrorists making their own messaging app.  The tech isn’t the hard bit; it’s just that the maths is impossible to break into without computers far more powerful than we have at the mo.

But anyway the UK gov are already the most invasive privacy breakers in the “free world” with the most stringent rules on pretty much everything from recording and storing internet logs and powers to demand you provide the passwords to your devices and encryption keys etc.  I know of one chap who’s in prison simply because he refuses to give up the password to an encrypted hard drive.  And if he won’t ever give up the key then they’ll put him straight back in prison again as soon as he’s out.  So that’s potentially a longer sentence for refusing to volunteer a piece of info than for murdering someone.

And we need to make everyone safer apparently.

Despite the fact that we’re safer than we’ve pretty much ever been.  Certainly much more so than when I was a nipper.  Never had all this guff when the IRA was a thing.

One day we may actually have people in charge who aren’t total morons adept at doing nothing more than breaking things.

Isn’t it wonderful on the day of an attack to hear “They hate you because they hate our freedoms” only to hear 2 days later “We have to take your freedoms away because……reasons”?


Voting day

It was voting day yesterday, hurrah!  A chance to use the one bit of power we have.

Well it would have been.  But…

We only had one thing to vote on and it was for the local Police Commissioner.  Or is it the Police Commander?  Oh it’s the PCC is it?  What’s the second “c” for?

And that’s the problem.

Not only does no-one know what the bloody hell the job we’re picking people for actually is; we also don’t know any of the candidates and what they stand for and what they want to do in the job.  We had precisely zero leaflets from candidates, we had no details of who was standing and what their credentials are, no information about any of it really.  And surely if the job’s important then shouldn’t, ooh I don’t know, those who know about it do the vetting and picking of the best of the bunch?

So it’s a sop to the plebs – here you go you can help elect someone who’ll have your interests at heart in terms of your local policing.

I went and searched online for the candidates and what they all stand for.  Well it seems that all of them want crime to be reduced.  That’s good isn’t it.  And that was about it.  Not much about their prior history of work in the law or the police.  Just a name, a mug shot and a party affiliation.  All very useful in helping me make my choice.

In the end I just couldn’t be bothered.  Voting for someone I don’t know anything about to a job I know nothing about, or even whether anyone in that role actually has any power whatsoever over and above the Home Sec, just didn’t leave me enthused.

Edit: Bloody hell I’ve just found out how much they get paid. Here’s a BBC article from 2013.

“The BBC research reveals that the salaries of the majority of the PCCs are between £70,000 and £85,000, although the commissioners overseeing the three major forces of Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and West Midlands each receive £100,000.”

What!?!?!?! £70-100k for a an ill-defined job role?  Really?


This should be shared

It’s an open letter from a Dr to Jeremy Hunt, the Health Sec.


Frankly it’s repellent that the gov’s representative is so wilfully misrepresenting the truth of this issue.  Not very likely that he’ll back down as he’s on record of saying he wants the NHS to be privatised.  And the only people such an eventuality will benefit will be his paymasters in the private healthcare industry – and no doubt he’ll get a nice job as a consultant to them after he’s no longer an MP.

Doctors will still be needed.  The local oversight of the NHS will be lost.  Unprofitable areas of medicine will become rubbish.  Profitable ones will cost more and most of that increase won’t go back into the service but be siphoned off into the company’s profits – no doubt to be not taxed and hidden away in Panama or wherever.

So do you want a worse service for more money where the patients and taxpayers get shafted?  Or do you support these doctors?  They are the ones fighting for our NHS.  This government are filthy bastards – 300 of them voted to block an investigation into the Panama tax-avoidance scams the other day.  Do YOU really think they have your best interests in mind.  Who do you trust more – those shysters?  Or the people who’ll save you or your children’s lives one day?


Telegraph Load…


I couldn’t stop myself.  There’s a “news” story on the Telegraph today about Jeremy Corbyn.  It seems he gets paid to do his job.

And that’s it. Yes you read it correctly.  The bastard gets paid TO DO HIS JOB.

Unbelievable.  Such a champagne socialist.

And further, and you won’t believe this, he is due a pension.  I know!  One that he’s due since he’s done that job for the last 33 years.

I cannot believe it.  The depths this man will stoop to.

But the real scoop here is this magic paragraph – this’ll nobble the guy

Official records also reveal that Mr Corbyn inherited £37,478 from his mother when she passed away in 1987, worth the equivalent of nearly £100,000 today.

Wow.  Speechless. He’s pure scum.

End obvious satire now.

I can’t believe that the Telegraph think this is a suitable piece of journalism in any way.  Simply put “Man does job for salary oh and by the way once inherited an amount less than Dodgy Dave gets yearly tax free from his dad’s offshore tax dodging business”.

I can only think that they will be gaping at the marvellously uncouth reaction on line in some bemusement.

“But but they were all against the PM getting paid a lot.”

NO!  That wasn’t the bloody point.  No-one is grumpy about anybody being paid a lot.  For crying out loud.  Just because the journalists and tory MPs are the sort of people who would be envious doesn’t mean the rest of us are.  And if we were it doesn’t mean that we’d be angry at people earning a lot.  What we’re pissed off about isn’t the amounts, it’s the bloody unfairness of the richest paying less tax than the average worker in the country – and then those people voting for the poorest and least able to defend themselves being shafted by policies designed to hurt them whilst the wealthiest get ever more tax benefits on the pittance they choose to leave in the country before sticking it where the taxman won’t look.  Hell not even “won’t look”, there’s video of the sodding Chancellor advocating for tax evasion on the bloody BBC!  The head of the HMRC called tax “legalized extortion”.  No it’s bloody not.  It’s really not hard to understand.



A nod to hypocrisy

“OMG! He didn’t bow!  Did he bow?  He didn’t bow.  Look, look!  The loathsome hater of all things British.  AND!  And and and! He says that he’s going to read a poem that says war is futile.  Well the evil scumbag. How can he be there, he hates us, he hates us all; he hates YOU.  He hates us nasty hobbitses…yes yes yes he does…”

And that seems to be the tenor of the coverage of the cenotaph remembrance ceremony starring Britain hating Jeremy Corbyn.

And most of this nonsense is coming from The Sun newspaper.  Ah yes that bastion of virtue and patriotism.  But didn’t they, I’m sure they did didn’t they, didn’t they hack the phones of dead servicemen and women (and their families)?  That can’t be right?  Aren’t they the arbiters of all that is good and holy?  Patriotism means invading the privacy of grieving relatives at their time of gravest distress no?

Considering that he’s apparently got no hope of either winning an election nor of even lasting to the next general election according to those same papers he certainly does seem to have them rattled enough to play this appallingly transparent bullshit.


The world has actually gone mad


A man didn’t sing a song.

Let’s ignore the news about Russia seeming to want to expand into Georgia and Ukraine, N Korea threatening nuclear attack on the US and Japan, the world economy tanking as China’s economy sinks, China grandstanding in the pacific, the climate about to wreck the world economy yet again, the seas dying, the Middle East being as mucked up as it’s ever been, the poorest in this country losing around £750 each per year as a result of benefit cuts, a million people in this country having to use food banks even before those cuts, Morrisons having to sell off their local shops and more.  Oh no, a man didn’t sing a song.  Never mind that if he did then he’d have been pilloried as a hypocrite by those same papers criticising him.

I can’t believe that anybody seriously has an issue with this.  It might be another thing that they can hold against him – but then there’s not a lot that he could do to win that sort of moron over.

Get a grip people.  Start caring about things that have at least a smidgen of importance somewhere.


Logic lessons

The Mail has a grumpy story about a local authority paying someone to teach school children how to use Wikipedia.  It’s political correctness gone mad.  Ok so not political correctness.  Err what words can we use to describe the sheer madness and waste of money?

How about “It’s a bloody good idea”?  What will they be complaining about next?  Paying primary teachers that teach our children to read and write?  “Well I can read and write so why can’t they?  Why do we need to pay someone to teach that simple stuff?”.  And the commenters make the point that Wiki isn’t very reliable (err it is, studies HAVE looked at its reliability and they put it as as good as the Encyclopeadia Britannica).

How many people really think that this is about “OK kids what do you want to know about? OK type it into Wikipedia.”

Hopefully not very many.

So what will they be doing?  Hopefully – “You lot are going to be using Wikipedia and other online sources in the next few years of school, college and university.  We’ll now learn how to distinguish between fact and opinion; truth and controversy; bias and minimizing it.  And how do we know that Wikipedia is correct?”

A common school thing may be “Write a thingy about climate change”.  There’s a heck of a lot online about the topic.  There’s an awful lot of factual stuff and more noisy garbage than you can shake a stick at.  Teaching people how to navigate this stuff is going to be absolutely vital in the future.  Note NOT telling people what is true but showing them how to double check references; how to read academic papers; how to spot charlatanism; spotting sources of funding.  And on and on.

But apparently this is a waste of money.  Just no.


Who’s the hero here?


Blue Rinse

Ooh it’s that politics time of year again.

I’m mainly aware of it from the profusion of signs up in fields near us (I’m not, I have watched the debates and interviews – why aren’t the male leaders a patch on the women leaders?)

When driving the kids to pre-school you have to go along the main road.  At one point you have blue signs facing off against purple and yellow signs.  I fully expect to see stones being lobbed across the road at some point.

Incidentally didn’t they know that purple and yellow were the colours that the “Standing at the back dressed stupidly and looking stupid party” wore in Blackadder 2?


Our constituency is very solidly blue.  At the last election I think the MP got 52% of the local vote.  Which makes my vote almost worthless.  Very annoying.  Ah well at least I can vote for a minor party – always good to stand up and be counted – even if that count won’t go very high.  Makes me so glad that the referendum we had about changing the voting system in this country went by with barely a squeak from those angling for a change.  Annoying now that people are seeing just how broken the system is now didn’t pay any bloody attention then.


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