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A Wii bit of cycling

Oh my word J has had a week to remember.

Firstly Nintendo have now released their long-awaited “NX” machine – now called the Switch.  My thought was “Hmm I bet that loads of people will be selling their Wii U’s when they buy the Switch”.  And indeed I was right.  Second thought was “people with an excellent taste in games will look after their machines well” and indeed I was right.

So I got a Wii U in pretty much “as new” condition with 4 really well chosen games for a good £100 less than buying a new one with one game.  Excellent.

And it’s all pretty good.  The menu screen is really slow though.  It seems this is a known problem.  A pain but not a terrible one.  J has been playing Mario Kart 8 and Yoshi’s Wooly World.  N has been more a fan of Splatoon.  None of us have yet dropped into Smash Bros.  So a few games to get soon – certainly Super Mario 3d, new Zelda, poss Minecraft for J.  Looking forward to it.

So J is happy.  But that’s not all!

He got a bike.  Someone in the village had a boy’s bike going so we got it and it’s in good nick too – with stabilisers.  And we went off and had the wee ones cycling yesterday.  J’s bike not quite set up right but him and L were off.  If they carry on as they are then they’ll both be without stabilisers by the end of the summer.  Excellent!


Grand Finale

Proper pwned!!!twelve1

Luigi now has

###fanfare required###

121 stars!

Ta da!

Proper pwned indeed.

Now after all that hassle I do believe I should be allowed to marry Peach.  And I want this cake.  It’s bleedin’ magic.



At bloomin last!  I can now cross another game off me list of completeds.

I finally got the last star on Mario Galaxy.  Spent ages trying one thing then had a brainwave and tried something a little different.  Managed it first go after that point.

120 Stars!  Got and done.


Now to get them all again with Luigi.



Aargh! 119.  And I’m stuck.  No no no no!


OK. Super Mario Galaxy.

You have to get stars.  61 (most certainly NOT 60) to beat the main game.  But there are 120 in total.

The first time round.

And I’m on 119, and I can’t get the last one.  I just can’t do it.

I need someone with killer 1337 ski11z to help out.

The level I’m stuck on is “Luigi’s Purple Coins“.  Monster hard.  I’m regularly dying within 5 seconds and I’ve never once got more than 50 coins (you need 100).  It’s SO unfair!  [hurls controller to the floor, slams door and stomps off upstairs]

Well it isn’t fair ok?


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I’m one of the crowd.  A sheep in rebel’s clothing.

I bought WiiFit on Saturday.

It’s actually pretty good.  It’s not going to be for those who are already really fit but for your average gamer and/or their parents it’ll do a world of good assuming people stick with it.  And I think people will stick with it. 

Graphics are appalling, sound is nothing special and, really annoying, if you have it set to English it doesn’t give you the option of using metric measurements.  That’s really ever so annoying to me.  So mine’s now in German.

The “games” themselves are a varied bunch. The aerobic ones seem a little lightweight, the strength ones are hard though (notably the press-up ones), yoga is hard and the balance exes are the fun bit.  So far they’re varied enough to keep some interest going.

The major oversight for me is that you can’t program it to run a series of exercises in one go IE as in a general workout.  So you need to do your one exercise and then start up another involving using the wiimote.  Further problem is that you shouldn’t be carrying the wiimote during the exercises.  Mind you I suppose that means you just bend down and straighten up more.

I can see it getting a bit dull but I’m hoping that Ninty will send us purchasers some more content via their online service.

I’m impressed overall. 

Ooh and I got my “age” down to 26 yesterday.  Woohoo!

Have fun.



Tom D did me a grand favour today. My original Super Monkey Ball save game file got nicked in my first burglary of last year. I lost quite a bit of stuff like replays and save games and high scores (yes I’m a nerd, did you not know?)

Tom copied me his this aft (after wowing them all at Lugeburf).

May I just be a trifle ungracious?

But “Looooooooosssssseeeerrrr!”

“Your puny high scores are no match for me. Wahahahah!”

I is teh SMB ma3ter!

Have fun.

PS Ta Tom.

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Weary weekend

Saturday:  A dull start to the weekend with some cleaning up and the very beginnings of clearing out my attic.  But I have a deadline for this.  Needs to be ready for the germans in March.  A start is all but it’s more than I’ve done in the last 2 years.

Zack and Wiki was played some more later on and a few harder levels pwned.  Mind you I’ll never look at a spider tennis racquet in quite the same way again.  And oh what a cute baby dragon.

Went to bed around midnight.  After an hour of not even feeling slightly tired I got my DS out and had a couple of rounds of Scrabble.  Tried to sleep again.  Gave up.

So downstairs to play more games.  2 hours at SMG and still no more stars.  The last 10 are looking really very difficult.  More high scores on Geometry Wars too.

At 5 I thought it might be an idea to go to bed, more through “I really ought to” rather than “I’m tired, I’ll go to bed”.

Up at 9 again after really very little sleep.  Not tired at all though.

Sunday was a day of contrasts.  Juggled at Lugeburf in the morning and managed a selection of good passing.  We sorted 8 on doubles quite well.  Screwed up 7 ultimates and dismally failed at back to back.  The one redeeming feature of back to back is that clurb nigh on wets herself when we try it and fail.  This contrasts somewhat with the annoyed grumps I get back at me when doing 7 ultimates.

The afternoon was boring as only dull Sunday afternoons can be.  Did some paperwork until games and called.  Oh and my “hottie from history” wasn’t mentioned on the Bugle but I’m hoping they’re keeping it back for when the Islamic world declares war on Holland.

Back at work but a shorter week for juggly reasons.  Ooh and I start my German class on Weds too.  Should be an interesting week.


Wet weekend

I missed the first juggling convention of the year in the UK. No money (see prev post) and too much to do (car maintenance) meant that the trip just wasn’t going to happen. Heaving it down rain stylee meant that not much outside was doable neither. [edit: I just re-read that sentence and my word it’s a sentence to be proud of]

But what was done had some good bits.

The 2 games wot I bought have both turned out to be gems.

Geometry Wars is a wee slip of a game, comfortably nothing more than Asteroids on steroids. The Wii controls for it are a bit odd and have a bit of a learning curve but are not as bad as some online have complained about. Hectic, gorgeous to look at and about the hardest game I’ve played since Monkey Ball 1. Great fun. Although when I closed my eyes last night to sleep all I could see were brightly coloured geometric shapes zooming around.

Zack and Wiki turns out to be great fun if a little irritating (in a good way). Point and click adventures never grabbed me during the Amiga era when they were big but this return to the genre is happy and fun. P and C were round on Saturday and playing it as a group was a new way of doing multi-player.

“No look have a look at that thing.”

“No over there!”

“Ring the bell!”


There is one slight fly in the ointment though. For some reason a couple of games on my Wii have some bits that leave dodgy artifacts on the picture. I’ve no idea why. One thought is the component feed to the telly is the culprit. I thought the telly might be the problem but the old (nicked) one did the same. It’s just that Z&W is far worse an example of this than the others. There are whole cut scenes with dreadful spotting going on. It’s not pretty. Good job the game is good enough to overlook these flaws. But I’m pretty sure it’s down to the component thing rather than any poor game design.

Have fun.

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Doing my duty

I’ve just been to buy some games this lunchtime. First one I have is Geometry Wars for the Wii. Should be a giggle.

Second one is Zack and Wiki. You may or may not have heard of this. But it’s one of those make or break moments. You see it’s a good game; NOT made by Nintendo; on the Wii! A rarity in itself but there are implications.

Lots of non-Ninty games are rubbish, tie-ins or both. They cost little to make and sell loads so companies still keep making them.

Zack and Wiki is not a cheap knock-off game – they put time and money into creating it. So if it doesn’t sell (and it hasn’t done well in the US) it sends the message to the games co’s that it’s not worth doing a good job, they merely have to tag on a name or brand to any old shite and they’ll make more money.

So I’ve done my duty. I want companies to make good, original and innovative games and I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Oh I already have.

PS Just looked in the bag and Asda have sold me an empty box! Gits. Will have to zoom there after work.

Oh and while I’m talking about games. 108 stars on SMG now. Just 12 to go (not inc the 121st one which is a whole run-through again away).



OMG SMG pwned!

I is teh 1337357.  Pwnage of dem starz total!

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