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Bridget Christie

We finally got to the end of R’s birthday presents this Satdy.

I’d bought us tickets to see the comedian Bridget Christie in Nottingham.  It was in a lovely little theatre in an arts centre at the university.  We wondered just what she’d be up to in the 30 mins we were there before the show.  Maybe walking up and down with stress and anxiety?  Or chilled with a bottle of wine on the go?

Anyway she comes on in her evening gown (well alright then jeans and t shirt) and we’re off.  It was a wonderful cathartic hour of political and gardening rants giving her audience just what they (we) wanted to hear.  I don’t think there was anyone right of centre in the audience as I didn’t see anyone walk out and I assume they would have.  I’m pretty sure she must have had heckles in some of her shows – somehow I doubt she’d struggle to express her arguments tho.

Highly recommended.



I may have mentioned that I listen to a bunch of podcasts.  One of them is the Rhod Gilbert show from Radio Wales.  It’s a particularly fine show with great co-hosts.

Anyway one feature he has is “Celebrity Out of Context Bingo” – which is where people can email in telling Rhod about an encounter they have had with a celebrity in which the celebrity is ironically doing the opposite of something they’re known for.  For instance perhaps – that bloke from Antiques Roadshow buying something new and shiny.  The small print of the rules are quite tricky and are regularly picked apart by the guests.  The main point ends up being – if it’s funny it’ll get on.

Someone wrote one about Ian McKellen which was quite clearly made up so I wrote one to point this out.  It only got on!

Anyway here it is from the show.


L Joke

The smalls have discovered jokes.  There are some on the lids of the yoghurts wot they have.  Anyway L came up with her own.

What do you call Santa walking on nothing?

“I don’t know L”.

Poo on a cushion.

And there you have it.


Steak rap

So the nice bits of our Saturday night were as follows:

We had a steak at a place called “The Black Rock Steakhouse”.  What happened here is we were given a big and very hot rock to cook our own steak on.  A bit odd asking people to cook their own dinner but at least we weren’t going to get something miles overdone.  Some reviews mentioned that the writers left smelling like a stinky chef at the end of a shift.  I didn’t notice that so much.  The steak was rather good as were the chips.

After this we headed downstairs to the comedy night.  One compere and 3 acts.  The compere was rather good.  He even did a couple of improvised raps which were remarkably entertaining in a “Oh my god a 23 year old white, public school educated, radio 4 listening, no chin wonder is rapping” sort of way.  He did manage to the line “of the genus brassica” in to one of them so he deserves some kudos.

First comedian was a grumpy flat character.  Was ok but not hilarious.  Some decent deconstructing of the genre.  But my problem with the grumpy character is that he’s already having to work harder to get the crowd up.

Second was some Canadian guy.  Much more my thing.  Can’t remember a load of what he did but he managed to get boob flashed by a drunk girl on the street.

Last was some Londoner with a voice like a young Danny Baker.  Not as funny but he did put himself in a situation where one of the local families could have beaten him up.  You know the kind of family – loud and annoying – sorting drinks orders out whilst the guy was on etc…

Until we got back to the car it was a rather decent evening out.



I woke up at 3 this morning giggling inanely.  It’s not often this happens.  I’d been having a dream and it seems to have been set on the Top Gear set.

Clarkson was doing his thing and then started talking about a new product – as if to make fun of it.  Rather like they do every Christmas with the poor collection of merchandise stuff the car companies put out for consumption.

Anyway he was holding what looked like an old steel flask.  Like a Thermos but older and more battered.  This was the new product.  This flask’s decor was simply some letters that looked like they’d been done with sticky back plastic. 

And the product’s name was “WASPUS”.

And I woke up uncontrollably giggling.

How very bizarre.

[edit] Omguh! It’s a place in Papua New Guinea.  I have to go there.  NOW! (I feel like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters)



Amongst the list of podcasts I get through regularly is a comedy one called “The Bugle”. John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman host it and it’s usually very funny.

This week, however, they’ve gone and done a whole episode on the Bin Laden death.

Really not comedy gold.

I’m happy to forgive an occasional dud episode of something that’s usually so good. Unfortunately this time I heard it in the car on the way to Leicester. R was with me and I’d just bigged up the show as well worth listening to. So we’re zooming down the M1 and this tedious ramble through barely comedic thoughts wasn’t the introduction to the show I was after.

I was also surprised that the tone was celebratory. Wasn’t really the tone I was expecting.

Ah well.


Comment heaven/hell


Lubrication controversy


Sold a pup

I just had to link to this.


What day is it?

Me and teh gangz went to see Tim Minchin last night.

Nicely timed (totally coincidentally) to be on Darwin Day I was looking forward to him going on about that somewhat, seeing as that’s his schtick sort of thing.

But he didn’t really.  He mentioned it but didn’t really go off on one.

The place wasn’t full though and it felt more like a private party for him and his mates.  More than half the crowd were teen girls who all fancy him and go to as many of his shows as they can afford.  Even to the extent that he mentioned one or two of them on the front row by name.

But how embarrassing for him.

He did spend quite a lot of his time talking about his wife and daughter.  It seemed like a desperate attempt at times to deflect the horny masses from embarrassing him further.

But the majority of the horny masses were of the “I go to sci-fi conventions” type.  You know the “find gangs of similarly obsessed people and then it’s not an obsession no more, strength in numbers etc” kind of people.

Like me and my pals who go to juggling festivals (of all things!)

Not impressed by the vibe I’m afraid.

And it’s a shame because he’s pretty darned good.  I have to say that as he rather effectively hit back at a nasty critic by the medium of song at one point.

As far as the show went it started and ended poorly for me though.

He did acknowledge the bad start by saying that he’s always bad at starting.  Then he tried to intimate that he’d never heard of “Cradle of Filth”, as if.

But it proper picked up after that with some excellent gags and just the wrong side of “wrong” comments.  Very good indeed.

And then he finished a great evening with a pretty meh song.  But the crowd loved it, I suppose some people need a bit of wry-smile-at-best pathos after a good night’s proper hilarity.

Oh and I agree, the dancing bear was really not needed.  Even if embarrassing a physics nerd is quite a giggle under normal circumstances.

A very good night out, but you can’t have every note as a high one.


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