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Driving school

So then.  First Bg trip since me and K were no more.

The plan was to sort house stuff and that was it.

The flight was fine but I have now definitely decided that I don’t enjoy flying.  Not particularly phased by it but the whole process is just unpleasant.  The mental pushing to get on, the hanging around, the morons standing up and getting their stuff whilst being yelled at by the stewards to bloody sit down as the plane hasn’t stopped yet, the moronic football fans, the stewards coming to sell you stuff.  Just nasty.

We had a late flight so ended up in Sofia at 2am.  The next bus was at 6am.  So a lovely 4 hours on a hard chair at Sofia bus station.  There are SO many places to sit that would be far more enjoyable and comfortable.

But eventually to VT and I actually managed to sleep on the coach which reduced a tedious 3 hour journey to a couple of moments of waking up at random towns on the way.  Marvellous.

Straight to the village and arrived sort of midday Wednesday.  Slept for a bit and then to work.

To the house to meet with the guys doing the work.  Things are coming on and the main work completed is a central heating system and improved fireplace bit downstairs.  Still bathroom stuff to do and some decor and a kitchen.  But things are looking alright.

Round to the neighbours (who originally sold us the place) for food and chat.  And then to a new couple in the village’s house.  I was tired and not keen but this was an English couple just moved in.  Met them and sat inside for a bit and got beer so they seemed friendly enough.

Later we had food with them and Maiko and chatted.  A nice end to a long couple of days.

The rest of the time passed in a blur of doing nothing, playing with animals, eating out and shopping.  Oh and I bumped into a 4 club juggler in the city park in VT.  Sadly he wasn’t a passer but he was most impressed to meet someone who could at least have a good crack at 4 clubs.  First club juggler I’ve met in Bg (and on possibly my last regular trip there.  Ah well.  Shit isn’t it?)

We picked stuff for house, not much else to do now.

The other place I saw was K’s new flat.  She has a garage in the city which someone has built a 1 bed flat on top of.  And it’s now hers.  Not quite finished but looking good.  Bachelor pad in the city for some young bloke I’m sure.  Tiny but perfectly good enough for a young ‘un.

One night we had the regulars over for music and food.  As fun as usual.  A good evening.

Coming home was rather interesting.  It was a late night bus to Sofia and my first bus trip journey to Sofia on my own.  K asked a bloke looking like he was off to the airport whether he’d sort me a taxi (I’m sure I could have anyway) and he spoke good English so we chatted a bit on the bus.  Nice chap.

As we were just about to set off a brit a few seats along was getting hassle off the “conductor”.  Apparently his ticket was for the following day.  My new friend went to translate and it went sort of

-“But the seat is paid for.”

“No I can’t let you on.”

-“How about I buy a new ticket then?”

“I can’t sell you a ticket.  You need to buy one at the office.  It’s over there.”

-“It’s closed now.”

“I can’t sell you a ticket.”

-“What does this situation need?” (with hand going to wallet in pocket).

“I can’t sell you a ticket”.

-“I’ll miss my bus.”

“I can’t sell you a ticket.”

And that was that.  Bulgarian customer service in all its glory.  Guy had to get off and the only way he was getting to Sofia was by getting a taxi.  Poor sod.

Then my new pal started getting really ill and threw up on the bus.

Finally to Sofia.  Taxi driver was a mental.  90mph up the backside of a huge 4×4 that you couldn’t see past was the least of his indiscretions.  New pal threw up on the pavement when the cab finally pulled up at the airport.  I was in what can only be described as minor shock/terror as well.  My word!

Anyway once in the airport we met the guy who’d been thrown off the bus.  He’d commandeered a taxi and made it there before us and came over to say “ta” to the Bg guy for trying and helping back in VT.

I ended up sat next to this bloke on the plane and it turned out he’s moved near to VT with his wife and lives in Derby (well nearish anyway).  So we ended up on the same train.

His travel day was shocking.  Starting in VT he’d been thrown off the bus and had to get a cab.  Back in the UK we got on our first train an hour before the one I was expecting to meet, so that was ok.  But that was only to Bedford.  Once in Bedford (at 8.30) we discovered that Midland trains only ran from 9.50.  So a cool hour and a half to wait, in Bedford.  The coffee place was expensive, the cash machine was broken so we couldn’t have had food or coffee (or whatever) anyway, the loos were closed due to vandalism.  The train also appeared not to go to Derby.  He went to find out whether he was allowed to go to Nottingham as he could get a bus from there.  Answer “no” but also “there are no trains to Derby today, engineering work”.  So he had to go to Beeston.  But then another hope!  His sister lives in Beeston so he’d stop there for a bit and then ask them to give him a lift.  Hurrah!

5 minutes later “Bugger!”  What?  “My sister’s on holiday.  Doesn’t come back for a week.”

Ah well.

And the train we got on was called “The Pride of Derby”.  Lovely timing.

Home now.

Photos good.  House good.  Glad to be back.  Glad house is sorting.

Perhaps I can concentrate more on life again now.

We’ll see.


Bulgaria 08

Oh loads to say but frankly I’m v tired and can’t be bothered.

I’ll prolly write some more tomorrow but for now you’ll just have to look forward to stuff about houses, flats, furnishings, and travel hell.

For now here are some pics.

Have fun.


Photo updates

Right then. I’ve decided to develop the new gallery page at the expense of the Care2 gallery. There are a few good reasons – toppermost being that you can have the thing at full res (although none of the ones I’ve put on are at full-on 10M pixels).

I’ll prolly keep the Care2 gallery there as it costs nowt and some of the pics I no longer have the originals of.

Anyway in the new gallery you can now find a few repeat BG photos of this latest trip and some I’d not uploaded before; plus an album of BG house photos.

And by the way, if you know anyone who may wish to try this house/holiday/tour out in early summer next year then get in touch with them and me and they can have a cheap holiday with lots of stuff to do.

Have fun!


More BG

Actually just some pics.  Plenty better than the Bristol ones too.

Warning, a small section of these does indulge my “signs” fetish.

Have fun.

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Oh bloody heell

What do I do next?

Just been to Bg again ostensibly to sort out my house with K and get it suitable for renting out.  It really is a lovely place but it leaves me a quandary.

I want to do the business thing over there.  Run tours around and use the house as a hotel type thing and that.  But with me and K no longer an item it’s going to be awkward at best.

Imagine I get a new partner.  She’ll be so pleased I’m away in Bg running a business and sharing accomodation with K.  If I bring this hypothetical new partner over to Bg as well then K’s not likely to take that terribly well either.

Do I want to sell? No.

Do I want to do this? Yes.

Do I want to be single for ever? No.

Oh it’s a dilemma indeed.

Nonetheless if there are any people out there who want to be alpha testers for our business idea (IE you want a cheap holiday in a beautiful house in gorgeous countryside in the Balkan hills with full-on tour guiding and travel included) then get in touch. We’re looking for 10 people (possibly including singles, couples and kids) for a week in early summer next year (not all at one time but 4 people in 1 week and 6 the following week).

Anyway after the clicky is a review of the trip if you wish to read about it.  D may feel it’s a little long for him (MTV junkie that he is). Read the rest of this entry »

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Bulgarian humour

I just watched a really dire Bulgarian TV show.  It’s one of the most popular shows in the country but my god it shows the sheer backwardsness of the place.

The skit was an interview between the host and 2 football managers (played by actors taking off real people).  The teams were Levski and CSKA.  This would be like having the managers of Man U and Chelsea in an interview.  Now the manager of one of these teams is an Indian chap.  So cue one actor coming out all “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”.

But the riotous fun didn’t stop there.  Questions started with; “So did you fall asleep near a fire?”  meaning did your skin get burned? or why else would you be that colour?  Even K looked concerned at this and she’s notoriously forgiving of bulgarian humour.  Not impressed by the guys on this one.

Bulgarian humour is pretty awful anyway.  We’ve had experience of K struggling to tell jokes through gales of laughter only to find that there was nothing at all funny about it.  Poor thing.  This show is regularly doing the “pepperpot women” types from Python but managing to remove anything that was funny about that in the first place.  Just terrible.

Disappoining to hear the god-awful stereotyping on this show though.  But perhaps I’m just too damn PC.

Have fun.


Party Every Day

I really like this song.  Chalga at its finest.

Praznik Vseki Den

Have fun.


Bulgarian problems

Arse!  Just had news that the drop-out son of the people who sold us the house is living in the property now.  We haven’t given permission, nor has anyone informed us officially.  K’s mum found out via village gossip.  What can we do?

I don’t know.  She’s off to insure the house against damage tomorrow and to confront them this weekend.  K’s worried she might get beaten up by him.  Thankfully she’s off with our fixer Tzetzkin as back up.  Second worry is that he’ll come back and torch the place after he’s been kicked out.  Police are no use, security firms won’t cover it to the extent that we need as it’s too rural.  We really need someone in the place looking after it full time.

I’m seriously pissed off with our vendors as they still assume the place is theirs; at least they re acting like it.  Last time I went their car was in our garage (after their son broke one of its windows in anger). They also turn up to say hello whenever anyone is in the place. And now their idiot, drunkard and stoned vicious git of a son feels like he can stay there free of rent.

I wonder if we can get someone to break his legs for us (or at least threaten it).

Have fun.

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