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Out of step (again)

Seems there is proper anger around today.

Some local fitters around North Lincolnshire have decided that EU citizens who aren’t British shouldn’t be allowed to work for a company owned by foreigners.  Oh the actual work is in the UK.

Erm.  Have they not heard of the EU?  Have they not heard of globalism?

They may not like it but frankly hard luck.  My sympathy with people like this is rapidly running out.  The depressing thing is that people are supportive of their actions. 

The foreign workers coming in are leaving their own families and coming to work for months at a time to provide money for them.  But that’s not something these guys would do now is it?

When did we remain so infantile that we thought it was someone else’s business to make sure we had a job on our doorstep?

Get with the programme and find your own work.  If your local companies lose out to foreign ones when tendering for business then figure out why and get your company to try and beat the foreign one in the tendering process.

It’s called business.

The only other option is socialism and that would have you up in arms at the lazy and feckless getting even more of your tax money than they do now.

Choose your system but don’t bloody whinge about it!

I’m beginning to think I hate British people.

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Words fail

So I have to swear.

What a nob.


That’s the spirit

And they say us godless folks are the ones killing the magic of Christmas.
[Note to my folks: This isn’t a happy children friendly Christmas song, really not.]

Aren’t the Westboro Baptist Church lovely?

Have a lovely day y’all.

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Violent thugs? Surely not.

A Conservative spokesman for something or other has just been sacked for saying that there are instances of using race in abuse in the army.  Perhaps I’ll be sacked for saying that people get better when they are seen in the NHS.

Seems like this is pretty normal behaviour to me.  Seeing as the army is only there to give a veneer of respectability to the sort of people who want to play with guns and kill people whenever possible.  Are we to expect them to behave with decorum when they’re not getting their jollies shooting people from somewhere hot?  I doubt it.  Put a load of unthinking violent morons together and they behave like unthinking violent morons ooh there’s a surprise.

But what was more interesting about this guy’s words was the thing that some lazy buggers who happened to be black would use their colour and accusations of racism to try and get off a charge of something or whatever.  I don’t see why this should be a surprise either.  I remember vividly a black woman telling a white library assistant that she was racist and there would be a complaint against her purely because the assistant had asked the woman to not talk on her mobile phone in the library.

Yes that was pure, hatred of blacks at work there.  Well that or the dozens of signs around that stated that use of mobile phones was banned in the library and the woman was, let’s say for the sake of argument, doing her job.

People will use whatever they can for getting off a bum rap for whatever.  I used many excuses in my time for laziness but haven’t had the option for using my ethnicity in any of those instances.  I do wonder if some people in the minority communities are so used to hearing that white people are so bloody nasty that complaints against any of their breaking of rules is considered unawareness of issues at best or pure hatred at worst.

A similar occurance has happened at work in the not too distant past.  A black woman accused a white female colleague of racism after she was refused an assessment since she turned up far too late thus missing her appointment.  She accused this poor girl of racism openly and to our boss.  She picked possibly the worst person to pick on for discrimination though as this girl is not only gay but has a non-white partner.  Umm–err!

Have fun.

[edit] There’s a debate on the beeb boards about this news story and there’s a wonderful post involving this marvellous comment.

“It has clearly emerged from this incident that Patrick Mercer has a far greater clasp of what happens in the real world”


Code Red! Code Red!

Hello again.

I’ve been away hence the lack of postage.  Lots to tell.

Started last Sunday by going to Hull to get the ferry over to Rotterdam.  Nice journey with no roughness of the sea.

Drove to a little town called Breda which considering it was 9.30 on a Monday morning was completely dead.  No shops beyond a supermarket were open, no people bustling around at all neither.  So we upped and headed to Antwerp.  Quite soon we realised that Antwerp was a dump with no apparent redeeming features so we drove on to Brugge and there we stayed for a couple of days.

We’d been here before but it was certainly worth a trip back, it’s a lovely little town and worth anyone’s time and effort to visit.

Whilst there we had a day-trip to Brussels which showed itself to be a niceish sort of town and remarkably full of really Belgian looking people.  But Alby, you cry, Brussels is indeed in Belgium nicht wahr?  Well yes but its denizens are far more Belgian than the Belgians in Brugge.  Really.  Bought lots of chocolate and some beer.

Then we drove to Luxemburg along appallingly wet and sprayey motorways which the Belgians seem to have built whilst neatly avoiding the concept of drainage.

Luxemburg was alright too.  K liked the richness of the place apparent in their clothes. No real events going on there though and we got our first real nasty rain so we didn’t see too much.

On to Germany and we stopped in Trier just over the border.  Nice hotel and finally able to speak German for a bit instead of the mish-mash of  french, flemish and luxemburgian so far. As we got into the rooms for a kip in the afternoon my phone rang.  It was Radio 5 asking if I could do a bit on the Anita Anand show that night!  Unfortunately they suggested that they’d keep me for another day as I was away.  Bugger.  Should have kept that one quiet.

The town is very nice but snobbishness dictates that I should mention the mere presence of plenty of Germano-chavs.  We’re definitely back in Anglo-saxon realms here.

Next day to Aachen.  I’d heard a lot about this town and how lovely it was and I’d failed to get here about 10 years ago so was keen to get there eventually.  Big mistake.  Dump of the highest order.  What a disappointment.  It probably didn’t help that most of the place was post-war rebuild rather than the lovely pre-war stuff we’d seen so far but there were no redeeming features beyond a rather nice cathedral.  But there are plenty of other rather nice cathedrals throughout Germany in much nicer towns.  Save yourselves a trip and go to Trier instead.

Our final day was spent driving to and looking around Rotterdam.  Nice enough big city I suppose.  More chavs and the messiest place we saw but still substantially better than most english cities.
So home via the ferry again.  This time a much more “exciting” journey.  We’d had shocking weather that morning where the wind was blowing us around on the motorway and the rain came down spectacularly hard.  Thankfully that settled a bit but the wind was still due to be around force 6-7 with occasional 8’s (according to our tireless captain) on our crossing.

Actually things went well with very little buffeting around and no nausea from anyone.  So to sleep.  At 2.30 in the morning we were all woken with something along the lines of

“Code Red.  Code Red.  All crew to their stations immediately!”

What!??  Cue terror and confusion in some. Finally the captain comes on.

“There is an incident ongoing.  Please be calm there is no threat to passengers.  We apologise for the worry this alert may have caused”.


Turns out there was a fire in the funnel.  Still we had the coastguard and all local shipping warned “just in case”.  Poor K couldn’t sleep a wink after that.

And now we’re back in old Blighty.  Sigh, work beckons tomorrow. I’ve heard nothing from various folk looking after my house and stuff (thanks to all – beer is on its way) so I assume my house is still standing proud and unbroken by the scum who frequent the area.

So back to normal.

Have fun.


Yes and your point is?

There’s a demonstration today.  It’s by some religious types and they make an interesting point.  Should they have to abide by the new rules forbidding discrimination against gay and lesbian folk?  In other words should a christian hotelier have to give a room to a gay couple when he really wants to cast them into the wilderness and/or flay the skins off their backs?

Well yes they should.

One organiser of the demo states:

“unless these regulations are amended, they will outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, only to replace it with discrimination on the grounds of religion”

Good that sounds about right to me.  They seem to have forgotten that deciding to live your life following a set of arbitrary rules is merely a choice not the way you were born (unless born into a family with one of those sweet and loving religions that says you should be killed if you ever leave the faith).  The state of gayness isn’t (usually) such a thing as far as I’m told by gay people.

But the religious morons (by which I don’t mean all those with a faith, just this angry and idiotic lot) starting this grief seem to be a: lying horrendously to overstate their case and b: blackmailing people by threatening the withdrawal of services (the catholic church is threatening to withhold soup to gay people in their soup kitchens for the homeless – how very christian of them).

And the government thinks that faith based services are the way to go.  Can you believe the idiocy?

Their opposition is entirely based around bigotry for others and concern for what they themselves think and screw everyone else.

The sad truth is that, once again, they are being horrendously selective of what they take from their book to batter the public with.  For instance do you think that if successful here they’ll try and argue for the right to have slaves as is expressly written in their books?  I wonder.  There are parts in the Koran that exhort Muslims to kill infidels “wherever you find them” – perhaps stopping them doing so would be seen as a refusal to allow freedom of religion?  (NB I may have taken something out of context here but that is no worse than the selectivity shown by these idiots).

Look you lot just have your religion and shut up about it.  You made a choice to follow whatever you wanted.  You can’t prove anything about it beyond that other people believe it too.  How you dare to profess that you know best astounds me (and is somewhat at odds with your claim to be humble and meek). 

Damn right I would “outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, only to replace it with discrimination on the grounds of religion”.  I can’t think of a single reason why this would be a bad thing.

Have fun.

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Not just me then?


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