A lovely end to 2018

It’s been an interesting year has 2018.  We moved and bought a house (many thanks to so many people for help and assistance through the horrendous buying period).  We went to Germany and Edinburgh.  And we did a lot of DIY to the new place.

I also decided to write to Simon Mayo’s show on Radio 2.  Me and N listen to the podcast of a bit of his show called “Confessions”.  It’s generally PG rated (cos it’s on the beeb) and it’s a fun listen whilst taxiing N around to her various evening things.  The idea is that people write in with things that they wish to have forgiveness for.  This was originally people apologising for not giving stuff back but morphed into funny stories about people’s lives that may or may not have been out in the open before.  One particularly memorable one was a woman admitting to telling a female friend that their guy friend didn’t fancy her.  He’d already told her that he did fancy her.  The writer then got off with said male friend and ended up married to him.  And she’d never told anyone else.  She got some very shocked presenter gasps and noises.

Anyway turned out the show was going to finish and hence I wanted to get on it before they finished for good.  So I sent a wee tale.  Shall we say it’s “inspired by real events”?  Oh OK then it’s clearly totally made up but we have been to the water park involved (and highly recommended it is too).

And it only bloomin’ got on didn’t it!

Here it is:

And it was on the year end’s “best of Confessions” podcast too.  Very excited.

HNY to all and sundry.

Have fun.

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