We had a busy weekend!

It started as usual with J and L going to their swimming lessons and N going to her music thingy (she’s sounding bloody good at her violin at the mo – grade 4 exam coming up in a couple of weeks).

After this we headed to Nottingham Uni to see their “Wonders” day.  It was basically lots of stuff for kids to come and look at and do.  We were hoping to meet Nicky and her boys there too (and Roger et al if they made it).  It was hot.  Very hot.  We parked up but there was no sign nor anyone to point anything out – all we saw was the Uni campus (a very nice one it should be said).  Eventually we headed somewhere – kids were whinging due to the heat and needing to eat.  We called Nicky and said where we were.  She arrived soon with M and m and we chatted for maybe 5 mins before they headed off and pointed us at somewhere some stuff was on.  Hopefully we’ll meet up again later in the afternoon.

We ended up in the pharmacy building and did experiments with sweets and star jumps and reaction times and illusions and dinosaur stuff and 3d printing and and and.

We ended up there for 2.5 hours.  By which time we had had enough (and had to get home) and Nicky et al had gone home.  And we’d seen 1 building worth of stuff.  Turns out we missed about 90% of the event.

So home with a bunch of whingy kids (still hot, hungry and wanting ice cream).

N and R had to go to a scouts thingy in Derby pretty much as soon as we got home.  J and L played with water in the garden.

And that was Satdy.

Yesterday I had my yearly enforced lie in with breakfast delivered after some apparent stresses audible from downstairs.  Still it was a lovely bacon sandwich with mushrooms.  Ta.

Then to the park to meet friends for food and chats but then we had to zoom off to sit in a different field with family and others at “The Big Lunch”.  We had to leave the first one early to get to the second one late.  Too many things!

And then L went up to a friend’s place to play in a pool.  J and N played with water bombs and such for a bit whilst we drank beer and cooked.  And then dinner with B and J from up the road.  And then it was 10 o’clock.

And I’d forgotten to call my dad.  Happy Father’s Day for yesterday pops!

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