Sing Street Inspiration

We re-watched the fillum “Sing Street” with N yesterday.  It’s a very lovely fillum set in Ireland in the ’80s when their economy was doing v badly and young folk were just upping and leaving for London.  It follows a wee teenager who tries to impress a girl by asking her to be in his band’s music video.  Problem being he’s not a musician and doesn’t have a band so when she says “yes” he has to start one.  All in all it’s wonderfully evocative of the 80s with him and his band trying out different looks and sounds all based around the last band he saw or heard on Top of the Pops or from his older brother’s record collection.

N loved it and apparently has spent today song writing just as the main man in the fillum did. So pleased she’s been moved to try her hand at this.  And a great fillum. One to watch.


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