BJC replayed

I went to a BJC!  Must be years since I attended one for more than just a show.  This year’s is still ongoing and in Nottingham again.  Best BJC I ever went to was in Notts in 1997.  Second best one was in 2007 – again in Nottingham.  Great.

Well actually we only went for the show and the “games”.  Normally the games are in a public place in the host town but unfortunately there was stuff on the market square on Sunday so it was taking place at the castle.  Still, never been to Notts castle – but I wasn’t expecting a £20 ticket to get in.

So we got there late, of course, cos of traffic and that.  And there were the games.  But I couldn’t see anyone I recognised.  At least for a bit.  So we did a bit of tourist stuff which ended up with R singing the Robin Hood theme whilst L ran up and down as if on a horse, whilst wearing a Robin Hood cloak. Over and over again.

That’s when Nicky and her wee lad (M) arrived.  Yay!  Not seen her for years now.  And after the initial shy kid act he and our 2 wee ones were off and playing.  And then Tom D showed up briefly whilst on his way to a camping shop.  And then ^Tom_ – blimey it’s a long time since we last met – we reminisced about hiking in the Lake District and various shows we’d seen (but sadly forgot to mention the carpet trippy up game at the Karlsruhe EJC).  And briefly Nick who I lodged with in London for a few weeks.  Sadly missed Dr Helen and Silver Paul.

We didn’t watch the games but stood and chatted until it was time to go.  And then, via a ridiculous walk, and meeting uncle D, to a pizza place for tea.

And then R, L and J were away home.  As was Nicky and M.  Hopefully it won’t be another 4 years before we meet them again.

Me, D and N were off to the show.  We were the last people to get our tickets and we’re off up to the circle to find some seats.  Considering there were few tickets left when we booked there were a lot of empty seats.  Ah well, we were in the middle near the back of the room so a good view.

Balloons were being knocked about and passed around as usual.  And there was an annoying kid.  Really annoying.  Very very annoying.  We also had a guy who had clear learning disabilities near us – shouldn’t have been an issue but he was loud and inappropriate – which the annoying kid thought was hilarious (whose mother had a weak stab at shushing him but totally ineffectively.  Grr.)

So the acts.  The first was some Brazilian bloke doing curvy sticks.  It was a bit like watching a modern jazz concert as occasionally people would clap for no discernible reason.  I saw a bloke moving sticks around awkwardly.  Others clearly saw more.  Ah well, my loss.  They did plug him doing a workshop the following day so you too could learn how to move sticks about awkwardly.

Then a girl with one blue juggling ring came on.  She did some quite nice moves and catches but the whole routine didn’t grab me.

3rd were 2 hat jugglers.  Some of it was pretty good and actually had some of the few bits of juggling in the show.  But sadly some of it suffered from the bane of hat routines which was quite a lot of droppage.

Last in the first half was a French bloke doing a 10 minute snatch of an hour long show.  He used 1 club and had quite interesting music.  But again it was 10 mins of start-stop manips and no juggling – oh no sorry he did do an occasional short sharp trick – and dropped these as often as not.

And then the intermission during which I got to meet Mamph and her nearly exactly 1 year old.  Aww – lovely to meet them.

Second half then – hoop lady from Sweden?  Quite funny at times – and some juggling – without drops as I recall.  Was ok.

Then Anni from Germany did her show “Paganini”.  You can tell I liked this one cos I can remember her name and the act’s name.  She tied her hands and did club balances and manipulations – it was funny and skilled and well choreographed.  Genuinely a lovely routine.  Very good.

Penultimate act (ok so the order of acts may be wrong) was a Cyr Wheel routine (linky to show the prop – not the same performer).  I know little about this skill and prop but it was very impressive.  N’s favourite act (apart from the headliner)

And finally the headline act “Guillaume Karpowicz” doing a diabolo routine.  My first thought was “Oh no his outfit perfectly matches his prop” so there’s a risk of not being able to see his prop.  But it was properly properly ace.  Brilliantly performed, very hard stuff done superbly.  Music was great and fat the routine perfectly.  Very impressed with this one.

The host (?Rosie?) had held the show together well with some humour and did the job IE told us what was happening and names and that.  Ducks and children was my favourite bit of her shtick.

All in all a show of 2 halves.  Could maybe have done with maybe some juggling in it…maybe.

And then we were off.  Bumped into Lizzah and MBM in the foyer and then off for D to whisk us away in his swish car to where we’d parked our car earlier.  Nothing like stepping out of an BMW M series car to get into an ’04 Zafira – the contrast was rather stark!

A lovely day with some lovely people.  Let’s not make it quite so long until the next time.

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