Rib tickler

Well yesterday was fun.  I’ve been coughing a bit for about a month but yesterday I started to get pain under my right ribs whenever I inhaled deeply or yawned.  I was at work so couldn’t do much about it.  And it didn’t go away.

So I leave at 5 and my next job is to get back to the next village for 6.30 to pick up J (he’s started at Beavers recently).  As luck would have it I left a few mins early and got there at about 6.05.  And my GP is just down the way… Hmmmmm.

So I popped in on the extremely off chance that I could see a dr.  And my luck was in!  In within a few mins.  Anyway he did some obs and listening to the chest and said “You need a chest xray”.

Oh great.  He tried to contact the hospital to get me into “Ambulatory care” but couldn’t get through (after 6pm you see).  So he wrote me a letter and gave it to me saying “Take this to A&E”.

A&E! Really!?

So after getting J and going home and re-organising the whole blinking evening I headed off to the hospital.

And I’m sitting there with no obvious issues whilst people with blood on their faces are trooping in one after another, and there’s a cyclist shaking like a leaf after coming off his bike, and an old chap who’s probably got something properly medical wrong with him.

So 3 and a half hours I was there.  But they did their jobs – I had blood tests, ECG, and a chest Xray.  And I’m fine.  Just a continuing cruddy cold and cough.


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