A Wii bit of cycling

Oh my word J has had a week to remember.

Firstly Nintendo have now released their long-awaited “NX” machine – now called the Switch.  My thought was “Hmm I bet that loads of people will be selling their Wii U’s when they buy the Switch”.  And indeed I was right.  Second thought was “people with an excellent taste in games will look after their machines well” and indeed I was right.

So I got a Wii U in pretty much “as new” condition with 4 really well chosen games for a good £100 less than buying a new one with one game.  Excellent.

And it’s all pretty good.  The menu screen is really slow though.  It seems this is a known problem.  A pain but not a terrible one.  J has been playing Mario Kart 8 and Yoshi’s Wooly World.  N has been more a fan of Splatoon.  None of us have yet dropped into Smash Bros.  So a few games to get soon – certainly Super Mario 3d, new Zelda, poss Minecraft for J.  Looking forward to it.

So J is happy.  But that’s not all!

He got a bike.  Someone in the village had a boy’s bike going so we got it and it’s in good nick too – with stabilisers.  And we went off and had the wee ones cycling yesterday.  J’s bike not quite set up right but him and L were off.  If they carry on as they are then they’ll both be without stabilisers by the end of the summer.  Excellent!

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