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I couldn’t stop myself.  There’s a “news” story on the Telegraph today about Jeremy Corbyn.  It seems he gets paid to do his job.

And that’s it. Yes you read it correctly.  The bastard gets paid TO DO HIS JOB.

Unbelievable.  Such a champagne socialist.

And further, and you won’t believe this, he is due a pension.  I know!  One that he’s due since he’s done that job for the last 33 years.

I cannot believe it.  The depths this man will stoop to.

But the real scoop here is this magic paragraph – this’ll nobble the guy

Official records also reveal that Mr Corbyn inherited £37,478 from his mother when she passed away in 1987, worth the equivalent of nearly £100,000 today.

Wow.  Speechless. He’s pure scum.

End obvious satire now.

I can’t believe that the Telegraph think this is a suitable piece of journalism in any way.  Simply put “Man does job for salary oh and by the way once inherited an amount less than Dodgy Dave gets yearly tax free from his dad’s offshore tax dodging business”.

I can only think that they will be gaping at the marvellously uncouth reaction on line in some bemusement.

“But but they were all against the PM getting paid a lot.”

NO!  That wasn’t the bloody point.  No-one is grumpy about anybody being paid a lot.  For crying out loud.  Just because the journalists and tory MPs are the sort of people who would be envious doesn’t mean the rest of us are.  And if we were it doesn’t mean that we’d be angry at people earning a lot.  What we’re pissed off about isn’t the amounts, it’s the bloody unfairness of the richest paying less tax than the average worker in the country – and then those people voting for the poorest and least able to defend themselves being shafted by policies designed to hurt them whilst the wealthiest get ever more tax benefits on the pittance they choose to leave in the country before sticking it where the taxman won’t look.  Hell not even “won’t look”, there’s video of the sodding Chancellor advocating for tax evasion on the bloody BBC!  The head of the HMRC called tax “legalized extortion”.  No it’s bloody not.  It’s really not hard to understand.


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