Car Wars Episode 6 – Return of the Engine Light

So the Galaxy is gone. Yay.  The Skoda has been our most solid car ever – highly recommended.  Anyway R has been telling me that the car “judders” and the engine light has been coming on.  So I drive it a few times and there’s an engine light on at first but no juddering.  After stopping at work for a few hours I get in it again and no engine light and no juddering.

Next day R gets in it again and texts that the light is back on and it judders.

This pattern repeats a couple of times.

So today it was MOT day – no light and no judder, great.

Then, on the way to the garage, the light came on and I felt the judder for the first time.  Good timing.

The car did pass its MOT though and the guy said that the error was a fuel injector being bunged up.  He stuck a fuel treatment in and said that might help.  With a bit of luck it’ll last long enough for us to sell the thing.

We’ll see.

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