Car Wars Episode 5 – The Timewasters Strike Back

The saga continues.

I put our dead Ford Galaxy on a local website hoping anyone will buy it.  I put the ad out at 7:18pm.  The first phone call came BEFORE 7:19.  I couldn’t believe it.  The guy wanted first dibs and gave me an offer.  I told him I wouldn’t accept it yet as it’d only been about 30 seconds since I posted the ad.

Anyway he calls the following day too.

And so did plenty of others.  One chap offered me £100 more than I asked for.  Alrighty.  He came across later that day.  Spend 20 minutes with the engine running whilst he was chatting to someone on the phone.  Then he says “My mate is coming from Derby, he’ll be about 10 minutes.”  Fair enough.  “I’ll wait in the road” – IE not blocking the drive.  About 15 mins later I go out to find him and he’s not there.  Give him a call – “Oh I nipped out to get a drink.  I’ll be back there in a minute.”

10 mins later still no sign.  Call again.  “I’ve had to go and pick my mate up.  We’ll be there in a bit.”

And then nothing.

If you don’t want the bloody car then just say so! He never came back.

Next one was a guy who came to see it with pretty much his whole family – they came and hummed and hahhed.  “I’ll call you tomorrow”.

Next day he texted an offer but I had more folk coming to view so I sent him a “If they don’t come or don’t want it I’ll let you know”.  So the others came or didn’t and no offers so I sent him another text but heard nothing again.

Eventually sold to a very dodgy looking Hungarian for less than the asking price but still a decent amount more than We Buy Any Car offered us (which was less than the scrappage price).

And it’s gone hurrah!

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