The world has actually gone mad


A man didn’t sing a song.

Let’s ignore the news about Russia seeming to want to expand into Georgia and Ukraine, N Korea threatening nuclear attack on the US and Japan, the world economy tanking as China’s economy sinks, China grandstanding in the pacific, the climate about to wreck the world economy yet again, the seas dying, the Middle East being as mucked up as it’s ever been, the poorest in this country losing around £750 each per year as a result of benefit cuts, a million people in this country having to use food banks even before those cuts, Morrisons having to sell off their local shops and more.  Oh no, a man didn’t sing a song.  Never mind that if he did then he’d have been pilloried as a hypocrite by those same papers criticising him.

I can’t believe that anybody seriously has an issue with this.  It might be another thing that they can hold against him – but then there’s not a lot that he could do to win that sort of moron over.

Get a grip people.  Start caring about things that have at least a smidgen of importance somewhere.

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