A bit of a headache

Last weekend we went to Warwick Castle for a day out.  The kids loved it.

But this was a weird one.

When driving there I had a weird light thing flashing into my right eye – it kept recurring and was an irritant but only that.

Once there N wanted to do the dungeon excursion – think a London Dungeon type thing – age 10 or over only.  Whilst sat waiting I started to get a headache behind my left eye.  Wasn’t fun.  Once in it was all dark and claustrophobic.  The first 2 rooms were ok, N loved the “chef”.  Then we got into the torturer’s room – I was getting more headache and it felt a bit like my eye was pushing forwards.  N hated this room – wasn’t scared by it but upset by the thoughts of what this kind of man would do to his victims.  Anyway she wanted to leave.  We did – I was pleased as it meant I could crash out on the floor for a bit.

N took the kids away whilst I sat down on a step for a bit.  This lasted quite a while as my headache got worse and worse.  Absolutely horrible.  Eventually 2 staff members came and got me and took me to a quiet room to lie down for a bit.  R went to buy some paracetamol for me.  A great way to spend our day out.

Turns out I just had a migraine – a first for me.

Then I googled “first migraine after 40” and wished I hadn’t.  So to the GP in the week for reassurance.  Grr.

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