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There’s a marvellous article in the Daily Mirror talking about the “scandal” of the NHS provision of gluten free food.  It was also on the front page of the Mail the other day.  Apart from the amount of money being wrong, the point about people getting prescriptions after self-diagnosing with gluten intolerance being wrong, it being free rather than normal prescription cost being wrong , and the bit about cakes and biscuits being available being wrong there was actually an interesting point in there – namely “could it be done any better”?

At present J has GF bread provided by the NHS.  The local pharmacy can’t get the ones he will eat so the dr provides us with a paper prescription – I go there to get this then take it to a different pharmacy that can get it – hand the prescription over then go back nearly a week later to get the loaves.  All a bit of a faff.

Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to be given vouchers for stuff like this – only available to be used on bread, pasta, oats etc and just use them in the supermarkets?  J would get a certain amount of them per month/year and use as necessary.  It would save a lot on bureaucracy and paperwork I’m sure.

The article in the Mirror seemed to be written by a particularly clueless person who seemed outraged that the NHS was funding “food”.  “If I want to diet I wouldn’t expect the NHS to prescibe me Ryvita and cottage cheese” she says.  “There’s an obesity crisis and this is adding to it” she says.  Oh dear oh dear.

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