Bungay Ballsed Up

Now well this is a different kind of post.  Mostly confessional and an explicit apology.

Sunday morning at BBU.  See previous post to see details of 2 sleepless nights and feeling a bit out of sorts.

Anyways breakfast.  The kids had been promised pancakes.  I cooked them some.  But then a pathetic petty disagreement with N happened.  In normal circumstances this would have been very ignorable but the combination of tiredness and general stressiness didn’t work well in my favour.  And I completely flipped out.  Ludicrous over the top shouting and snark and basically being a total tosser.

I managed to spot it and absented myself from the situation and had a lie down.

I apologised later to N and R.

BUT I also want to apologise to those nearby who clearly would have heard this ranting imbecile flipping out at a 10 year old about something so bloody trivial as a sodding pancake.

I am an idiot.  Sorry.

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