Bungay Balls Up

We did the Bungay thing again this weekend.  Was generally lovely but with a sour flavour (more of that will be in the next post.  I’ll get to that eventually.)


We’d originally planned to go late Thursday but this was just unfeasible given the times of work.  We’d have arrived at 10pm and then have had to set up the tent and stuff.  So we decided to start on Friday morning.

Friday night was disturbed by J vomiting.  Ah bugger.  He still wanted to go on holiday and even negotiated getting a sick bowl for the journey just in case we were thinking of not going ‘cos of him being ill.  In the morning he seemed ok so we packed up and set off.  And he was fine.

The journey took us about 5 hours.  Traffic was awful.  We needed to keep stopping for poo breaks and the like.  All a bit of a mare really.  And finally there.

We headed to our normal spot only to be told that the spot was really for quiet people (IE without kids).  We did really want to be there tho.  R and L went off to the loo whilst I continued chatting.  When R came back she let fly and had obviously been thinking about it.  We ended up staying put.  It did sort of put us on the defensive straight away.  Maybe even if there’d been a sign up we’d have been ok but we had already decamped the kids and most of our gear.  Not a great first impression for either them nor us.  But the tent got put up and we asked some of the local tent owners if they were happy and they said so.  Phew.

We spent that evening getting food ready.  And then P&C turned up with kids.  Huzzah!  Then playing and eventually kids to bed and a small amount of socialising.

That night was pretty bad.  It wasn’t cold particularly but J and L were on a blow up mattress wot deflated overnight and both of them ended up in our bed.  There wasn’t enough space so we didn’t really get much sleep.  After breakfast we pootled around the site, chatting and wandering.  The kids played with little r and Dorrie and generally had a whale of a time.  In the afternoon we headed to the Aviation Museum at Flixton.  It was shut.  Opens Sunday to Thursdays only.  Great.  So to a playground for the kids and then back to the site.  Saturday evenings at BBU is all about the show.  The compere was the same guy as the last time I was there.  He was grand and this was the first show that J really got into – he was proper laughing when little r wandered onto the stage area and the compere mimed pouring a bottle of water over her.  He kept recalling this moment on occasion for the rest of the weekend.

Other acts of note were little Ben with the smallest violin ever (must have been a 1/16th size – tiny wee thing) doing his first ever performance (as far as I know); I missed his big sister doing her thig ‘cos I was re-inflating the kids’ mattress; teh Bizcups doing rings – always a star; ?Adam doing hard ball stuff; and Siteswap Ben doing fantastically good stuff with balls.  It was a short but perfectly formed little show.  I enjoyed it.

So kids to bed then a bit of chatting.  And to bed – properly cold night too.  The kids were again disturbed by the crappy mattress.  And we didn’t really sleep.  Again.

And so to Sunday morning.  All a bit bleary and tempers flared.  Again see next post.

P&C had gone by now – they’d left v early – rather sweetly they’d left us a working mattress for the kids.  The morning drifted on with not much going on and eventually we wanted to find a local pub for Sunday lunch.  It wasn’t on the satnav so I winged it – and lost.  We failed to find it so gave up after a while and headed back to the Aviation Museum – mainly because of the pub next to it.  We wanted food – but wait…there’s a sign on the door of the pub.

“We don’t want your bloody kids here, take them away to somewhere they’re wanted.”

OK it wasn’t actually that but the sentiment was the same.  So that’s the camp site and this pub so far.  Sigh.  We weren’t staying and headed off for another pub.  We got there at 2pm.  They stopped serving food pretty much as we walked in.  And to Halesworth to see if there was anywhere there for food.  We got to a pub at 2:30.  They stopped serving just as we got there.  And the next cafe had stopped as well.  Eventually we found a hotel – they’d stopped serving too – but did do sandwiches and chips through the afternoon.  Ah well it was that or snacks from the co-op.

And back to the Museum.  It was a struggle to be honest.  It rained, was cold BUT the place was at least open.  I don’t think we were in the mood tbh.

The evening was spent as usual at BBU.  Restful and that night was quiet (hurrah).

Monday was pack up day.  Quiet and busy.  Too short a trip and one that wasn’t as restful as I wished (to put it mildly).  And home.

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