Blue Rinse

Ooh it’s that politics time of year again.

I’m mainly aware of it from the profusion of signs up in fields near us (I’m not, I have watched the debates and interviews – why aren’t the male leaders a patch on the women leaders?)

When driving the kids to pre-school you have to go along the main road.  At one point you have blue signs facing off against purple and yellow signs.  I fully expect to see stones being lobbed across the road at some point.

Incidentally didn’t they know that purple and yellow were the colours that the “Standing at the back dressed stupidly and looking stupid party” wore in Blackadder 2?


Our constituency is very solidly blue.  At the last election I think the MP got 52% of the local vote.  Which makes my vote almost worthless.  Very annoying.  Ah well at least I can vote for a minor party – always good to stand up and be counted – even if that count won’t go very high.  Makes me so glad that the referendum we had about changing the voting system in this country went by with barely a squeak from those angling for a change.  Annoying now that people are seeing just how broken the system is now didn’t pay any bloody attention then.

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