Bugger King

This Xmas R’s mum bought us some mugs.  Lovely mugs.  We needed new mugs.

Anyways I broke one the other day.  I didn’t mean to.  Haven’t broken anything for ages.  And of course it has to be this new mug.  Damn.

Anyway I proposed to get a replacement.  They were from Denby, just up the road from here, great.

This weekend we headed off as family to the Denby factory.  Whilst en-route I had a brainwave – why not go to the localish Retail Outlet thingy.  It has a Denby shop as well as plenty of other shops for other stuff wot we need.  And we can get J some gluten free fish and chips from off of Harry Ramsdens.  We’ve had them before – grand – deal sealed.

So off we go.  Denby shop open – they don’t have that mug – “Try the factory shop in Denby” – argh!

To the food hall thingy.  At the Ramsdens we ask “Gluten free fish and chips please”.

Drone – “Check the poster”

There’s always a little poster at these places with what on the menu has got what in it etc.

And they’ve stopped doing the gluten free fish and chips.  At least at this branch..  Bugger!  Upset J as he never gets fish and chips and he likes them.

So what else can he have?  Pretty much nothing here.

There’s a Burger King – all pretty off limits.  A noodle place – soy sauce and noodles both gluteny so that’s off limits.  A spud-u-like?  Promising, ah no, he’s not keen.

So we went back to Burger King.

R – “Excuse me, are the chips gluten-free?”

Drone – “Sorry, I’m not allowed to tell you.”


Anyway we check the website.  No help – possibly due to being on a small phone rather than a laptop.  Googling it doesn’t help.  The poster in BK said “No gluten”.  So we risked it.  We weren’t too sure it paid off tho.  J started to get some redness on his face which was one of the very first signs anything was wrong way back when he hadn’t been diagnosed.  Later I tweeted at BK only to be told “We don’t recommend our products for coeliacs”.


Kinell!  Still at least it means we never have to eat at crappy burger places again.

Later on a got a tweet back from BK saying that they have full info on their website but I’ll be darned if I’ve found where it says “Not suitable for coeliacs”.

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