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This is a sort of follow-on from the last post.

After spending most of my life blissfully unaware of the crap that women have to go through in certain circles (Eg tech jobs) I’ve learned an awful lot of pretty disturbing stuff recently.

It started with Rebecca Watson asking men nicely not to hit on her when attending events where she was talking about the objectification of women in her world.  This as previously noted has landed her with the status of pariah, a man-hating harridan who’s clearly ugly, self-obsessed and a professional victim.

Others such as Melody Hensley also got the same grief.  Ostensibly for saying she has PTSD as a result of abuse but that preceding abuse was mainly for the crime of “being female whilst talking about stuff”.

And now it’s the GamerGate loonies bashing down on Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, Zoe Quinn, and other women.  But oddly never on the men who are supporting these women.  Hmm I wonder why that is?

I’m a dad; I have 2 daughters; I’d love it if both of the girls end up as feisty, intelligent, motivated and outspoken (when necessary) as the women named above.  Absolutely love it.  I’d also love it if they didn’t have to put up with the endless shite these women have had to endure (and are still having to endure).

So, trying to get my head around what the hell is going on I’ve been reading a lot.  Specifically reading a lot of what the abusers and their “side” have been writing; trying to get an idea of just what’s in their heads.

Christ it’s a horrible place to visit.

Delusions, victimhood, anger, jealousy and more.  And that’s on the less vicious sites.

And all because women have asked to be treated more nicely.  And THAT’S IT!  Nothing more.

One bloke wrote a long blog post about why he voted for the Republican party in a US election recently solely because he was fed up with “feminists”.  He claimed he was a liberal white male but they’d driven him to vote for the enemy as they’re the only ones who can stop this tide of “extreme feminism”.

All they’re asking for is not to be looked down on, nor treated badly, for simply being female!  It’s really not hard to understand but the wilful misreading and self-victimisation is rampant around those parts.

The GamerGate lot have set up support groups all over the place.  An echo chamber where they rally against their opponents (read: ordinary people who mainly don’t give 2 hoots about the whole bloody issue because IT ISN’T IMPORTANT…AT ALL) and laugh and point whilst desperately trying to organise consumer boycotts or worse.

The websites they link to are amazingly instructive.  NOTE:  clearly I can’t link to every website about this.  Clearly some people will be loonies, others will be more measured.  BUT the fact remains that there are loonies out there; and in the echo chamber of online forums it’s perfectly likely that like-minded people will reinforce each other’s beliefs.

So.  One bloke set up “A gaming site for those who support #gamergate”.  The welcome page not only states that:

“I am not a gamer”

But also:

“I aim to protect the interests of heterosexual Western males”

So you see, it’s clearly about “ethics in game journalism”.  What?  You don’t see it?  Surely not.

Other quotes from the welcome page:

They want to relabel consensual sex as “rape” and relabel innocent flirting as “harassment,”

Erm, no.

“they’ve successfully infected the gaming industry and gaming journalist sites by damaging the very nature of gaming development to fit their extreme political agenda. “

Erm, no.

And my favourite:

We won’t exclude homosexuals or attractive women from commenting on our articles”

Well that’s nice isn’t it?  See they’re letting the gays comment.  But no ugly birds please.  Lovely.

I thought that was all pretty bad but then this:

“Have you heard of Return Of Kings?”

Well have you?  Apparently it’s another website this chap runs.  Full of edifying articles such as “5 Reasons why Girls With Tattoos and Piercings are Broken” (wow); “The Bill Cosby Rape Scandal Is Just Another Example Of Modern Hysteria” (wow!); “Never Fully Give a Woman Your Loyalty – because they won’t either” (wow!!) and “How To Avoid The 3 Worst Qualities Of The Beta Male” (wow!!!).

NB Alpha Male is defined as having confidence, courage and determination.  “Beta” is the worst insult these chaps have, along with “SJW” (social justice warrior – IE someone who isn’t them) and “White Knight” (man who publically stands up for a woman).

The best (read “most horrific”) article I saw there is:

“5 Lines That Potential Wives Cannot Cross”

This was where the lunacy stopped being laughable and crossed into upsetting and frightening.  Now I’m safe, I’m a bloke, white and heterosexual.  But then in their world I’m a white-knighting SJW beta-tard.  But I really do fear for the girls in later years if this sort of shit is still ongoing.

So the article.  What do these magic red lines include?

  • “You don’t reject me ever.”

Yes you read that right.  They ARE actually arguing for rape within marriage.  If you ever thought rape was a crime of passion rather than one of control then this should change your mind.  The whole article is about how to control your woman (she’s always a possessed item, not an independent person); and what techniques you should use to control her.

  • “I make the decisions, not you.”

Yep.  Another play from the domestic abuse workbook.

  • “I don’t touch the children till they can walk.”

How deeply sad and self-defeating is this?  They’re advocating never holding your baby, never helping to feed, bathe or clothe their own child.  It almost makes me cry (ooh! Beta!) to think how much I’d have missed if I was somehow barred from being involved in my kids’ early months.  How anyone can think this is a good thing is beyond me.

  • “You have left your old family and joined mine.”

And another domestic abuse”must do”.

Wowsers.  And they say romance is dead.  If you ever wanted a manifesto for domestic abuse then this is it.  In what way is sex with someone who’s scared of you, or scared of the reaction if they say no, NOT rape?  Never read anything quite so repellent.

I hoped this site was a one off but there are plenty more out there.  They call themselves “Red pill”ers.  A reference to the Matrix movie.  The Red Pill is apparently about embracing the painful truth of reality.  In other words “men should be men”, women should be feminine and docile.  There are scores of discussions about how to pick up girls by being horrible to them.  How to control women.  And on and on.  It’s bloody disgraceful.

Look boys: If you want to get laid then TRY BEING A NICE PERSON.

Oh that doesn’t work either apparently.  Their “I’m a nice guy and the girls always go for the alpha idiots” refrain is constant.  Being “friend-zoned” is all they can aspire to being a beta.

And it’s a downward spiral.

“Me man, you mine” doesn’t always work so when rejected (clearly by a feminist or lesbian or lesbian feminist) they go and vent only to be told to be more alpha.  And you end with woman hating maniacs when they are constantly rebuffed for being an absolute arsehole to any woman that is unlucky enough to be in their presence.  The ultimate absurd endpoint for some is murder, as seen by the guy invoked in the anti-Anita Sarkeesian rant (which resulted in her cancelling a talk) when this idiot killed a number of women at a university in Canada.  Simply “coz ov teh feminismz”.

Well bloody well count me amongst the feminists please.  The women publically standing up to these idiots are absolute stars and should be admired greatly.  Their opponents however seem to be the lowest form of pond scum imaginable.

“But someone will take my computer games away.” is the pathetic, and totally untrue, bleat.

Oh do grow up you pathetic morons.

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