Ah what a month.  Some lovely things happened.  J had his 4th birthday do which involved his first event out with friends from nursery.  Turned out to be a mellow affair at this soft-play place we’d found.  Considering we paid extra for a birthday party there was very little in the way of organisation done by the place.  The kids ran around for an hour having fun (or ramming other kids in ride-on cars, grr) then a basic lunch of sandwiches and pizza slices, then more running around a bit.  J had fun anyway.

But then. Oh then.

I got a bailiff’s letter demanding £1400 or thereabouts.  For non-payment of council tax at my place.  Seems the tenants hadn’t told the council they were there and letters hadn’t been passed on to me.  Hence angry red letter at my door.

On phoning the bailiffs it seems that they were just about to come round and nick all my stuff.  I asked how soon I needed to sort stuff and they wouldn’t tell me.  Had I got a week or a couple of days?  Wouldn’t say.  Well that was a stressful weekend.  The letter came on a Saturday so I couldn’t contact the council until the Monday.

To cut things short it’s now all sorted out.  Seems the tenants had sublet to “friends” who left them in the lurch.  They disappeared after being confronted about this debt.  Thankfully all paperwork was kept and in order.

Starting soon there’s a couple moving in who only want the place until March.  Perfect for me as I can get in there and hopefully get the place ready to sell.  I hate being a landlord – I don’t have the time nor money to do the job properly.  Fingers crossed I can sell and not lose money on the place.  Sigh.

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