This annoyed me.  Best news for the NHS in ages comes along (see here) which states that, yet again, it’s the best health service around (in lots of ways) and it seems to have been completely ignored by various newspapers whose political interests are not served by reporting it.  Bloody shocking.

So yet again, feel free to ignore those “The NHS is over-priced and unaffordable, as well as badly managed” news stories.  It’s nonsense designed to get people more amenable to selling the thing off – to which the only benefit is that lots of politicians involved get rich by moving to jobs as consultants in the companies that will the contracts.  We get a more expensive health service with worse outcomes.  Great swap eh?

Edit: there will be people who whinge that we came second to last in “Healthy lifestyles”.  Well if we pushed harder at the healthy lifestyles thing from government then those complaining would also be those most vociferously complaining about “bloody government telling us how to live, how dare they?”

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