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So I listen to a lot of podcasts.  A couple of them are sciency ones (the “Naked Scientists” one is the main culprit but by no means is it the only one). So I noticed a thing a few years back which stuck out somewhat but only apparently in the sciency ones.  It’s still there.

So what is it?

So whenever many (and it is “many”) of these scientists are asked a question they invariably start their answer with the word “so”.  And I don’t know why.

“What did you find when you studied shark breeding behaviours?”

– “So we looked at what faces they pulled when trying to pull.”

“And what did you find?”

– “So what we saw is that the grump faced ones were more successful breeders.”

“Why is this?”

– “So the theory we’re working with is….”

And on and on.

So stop doing it!

So have fun.

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