Long day out

It was the BJC a couple of weeks ago and it was up in Pickering.  The big “gala” show was in Scarborough on Saturday.  We couldn’t afford the time or money to go for the week but we did decide (ok I may have been quite pushy) to go for the show on Saturday.  It’s a reasonable way up there, in fact it took us 3 hours to drive up, but we felt a day at the seaside would be fun for all.

We set off a little late but still got there at 1. Doors opened for the show at 7.00 so it gave us around 6 hours to play and look around.  We played on the beach for a bit.  N and J made a little sandcastle with the brief help of a little boy who got shouted out by quite burly looking grown-ups and then scampered off.

We had a lovely meal of fish and chips (for tradition’s sake) at a place that really did do gluten-free food on its menu but then ruined it by saying that fried gluten-free food is done in a fryer that also fries gluteny food.  So that’s of no use to anyone then.  We’d brought food for J along with us anyway so it wasn’t a major issue just an indication of the general lack of understanding that food places have.

I managed to leave both J’s coat and my camera at the caff as well.  By the time I spotted this we were a good way away heading towards “Luna Park”.  Sounds great but in reality a tired dump of over-priced, under-performing “attractions”.  R took the kids whilst I drove back to get our stuff.

Once re-united we all played a bit in the park before it closed rather early.  This happened earlier with the donkeys – N wanted a ride, “after food” we said. And the donkeys walked home, away from the beach, past us as we ate.  She was glum. Twice.

Walking back to the car we bumped into BJCers who’d clearly just been bussed into Scarborough for the show.  I saw a few recognisable faces and a few tedious show-offs (really please don’t walk around with a ball on your head – it’s little wonder you’re walking around on your own).  We saw some young unicyclists bouncing up and onto some street furniture.  And then Biskup yelled at us from over the road, yay for Biskup – long time no see.

A couple of other folk also said hello, hi Abby and friends.  Sadly we missed loads of you.

The show was in a lovely old venue that suffered somewhat for having columns in the way for most seats on the balcony (certainly those seats on the side balcony).  We picked seats that weren’t great but the area was quiet so hopefully the kids wouldn’t annoy too many folk.

As soon as the show started more people shifted down to where we were as their view was poor or became obscured by other people moving or standing up to see.  As I said, the balcony views weren’t great.  So what about the show?

I have no idea.  I spent the first half fielding 2 kids, N was good and enjoyed the show.  J yet again spent his time playing with the foldy-uppy chairs and running up and down the rows.  L just cried and wouldn’t go to sleep.

We finally got her to sleep during the intermission so only had to cope with J running about.  He didn’t want to be cuddled or held so carried on running and playing with chairs.

As far as the acts went I saw a bit of Steve Ragatz (very good), Eugenius Nil someone (very good), a pair of German girls (pair clubs, not as slick as could be maybe), a trick cyclist (N loved this one) and that was about it.  The headliner was some Russian whizzkid apparently – can’t say I can remember anything about the act tho.  And there was a poi act that went down a storm.  Completely missed it. 

Sincere apologies to those put out by the babies.  I think we’ll wait a few years before the babies get to go to another show.

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