News update

There seem to be 2 news stories of note at present.

  1. Old lady dies of old age shock!
  2. North Korea – weak leader ramping up rhetoric to show strength.

The news I’ve read about Korea makes it obvious that the new guy is a puppet of the government/military and not the other way round.  Apparently the NK soldiers love a good mobilisation to war as it means they get fed properly for a change.  The military leaders get to check up on all their hardware and the leader gets to show his strength.  A win-win-win for them.  Sadly a weak leader isn’t what the area really needs.  It’s a shame what’s happening in Burma isn’t also happening in NK. Maybe one day.  But then again it could only happen after lots more deaths and violence.  Sigh.

Edit:  And back to point 1.  I’ve noticed in both The Mail and The Telegraph that there seems to be an odd response to some of the people celebrating her death.  namely that they include a large number of people who are too young to have lived much (or at all) under her premiership.  Are these the same papers that constantly whinge about the youth of today not being interested in anything important such as politics?  Which do they want?  Too uninterested or too interested?  Perhaps they’d prefer people to be “about the right amount interested”.  I wonder if that amount is “have heard of politicians but not really sure who they are or what they stand for”.  Very odd response to people knowing about, or at least having an interest in, recent history.  I never lived under Churchill but I’ve got some idea of who he was and what happened under his leadership.  But maybe the ToryMail thinks I shouldn’t have an opinion as I wasn’t around then.

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