Odd story

Saw this story the other day on the Mail’s website.  Seems that loads of people, when asked, say that we should rescind the ban on smacking.  Even more odd loads said that the smacking ban would have stopped the riots of last summer.  Not quite sure how that would work.

That’s odd enough but the real kicker is:

There isn’t a ban on smacking in this country.

This is as odd as people complaining about “jaywalkers” and “how come the police don’t do nuffink about ’em”.  Well mainly ‘cos that’s not illegal here either!  All it takes is a bit of cultural importation and a kneejerk response to assume everything’s going down the pan for people to get all huffty about non-story.

Mind you it does prove the story that right-wingers are thick. (Mind you I half expect that story to be a troll on the part of the Mail just to see what lefties think of it before the reveal)

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