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I’ve mentioned before my approval of the show “America’s Next Top Model”.  This does surprise people who know me (and probably disappoints others).  I wasn’t sure quite why I liked it for a while but I figured it out yesterday.

People have assumed that I like it because of young and pretty girls being involved but that’s absolutely not it.  There’s no creepy voyeurism involved at all, there’s just not that kind of content.  What there IS is a group of young women who want to be models and then they have challenges, support and photo shoots.  At the end of each episode one is voted off until there’s only one left at the end of the series.  Through a series the remaining contenders get more and more input to their careers with advice from photographers, agents, magazine editors, designers, catwalk trainers and the like.  In other words it guides them (a little, it’s not a school for aspirational girls).  At the end the last 5 or so get some serious prizes such as travel abroad, challenges that win them shoots and campaigns across the world, one girl won herself a car this year as well as becoming the face of some bag designer’s new ads.  So they are supported and the stuff that is created through the series’s photoshoots is some wonderful art and photography.

What is conspicuously missing is the leering theatre of idiocy that so infects stuff like “The X Factor” and “Britons Have Talent” (edited for grammar).  There are no episodes of laughing at the deluded.  This is what buggered up this year’s Britain’s Next Top Model.  The producers clearly thought “Ha the X Factor is very popular therefore we will copy it”.  And it was rubbish.  I don’t want to point and laugh; I want to be impressed and see people doing well.

What happened last night was the final of “Masterchef: The Professionals”.  It was wonderful.  In fact since the semi-finals it’s been some of the best TV I’ve seen in ages.  Technically the editing was spot on, the judges know their stuff and the contenders have bags of skill.  The final was stuffed full of amazing skill and it was a shame that there had to be a “winner”.  But there was and he was a very worthy winner.  I want to eat some of his food.  But then again I’d have been happy with eating food from any of the contestants.  Again what we didn’t have was some deluded folks being laughed at.  These were skilled people doing damn well and stretching themselves.  Wonderful.

Can we have more like this please?

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