It makes sense now!

I’ve been following the whole death of the News of the World thing with a little bit of interest.  I’m not going to witter about why Murdoch is a hideous and malign influence on anything that is good or decent.  Nor am I going to witter about why the death of that paper doesn’t mean the death of gutter journalism.  Plenty of folk have done that to death.

However the aspect that surprised me was the massive support that Rupert is giving to his chief exec.  There’s loads of shots of them off out to eat together; him saying that she’s his greatest priority at the moment etc..  But why can this be?

I can only think of 3 reasons.  I think number 3 is most likely:

  1. She has embarrassing photos or information of him and his family.
  2. They have a “fruity” relationship where she manages to give him more than he’s had elsewhere.
  3. They are both David Icke’s shape shifting alien lizard people who are in charge of everything that happens anywhere in the world.

I can think of no other possibility.

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