May 2011

Ahh Camping.

We had 8 nights this May starting with the rest of the family’s first BBU.

The drive was a complete mare.  Something like 5 hours with many stops involved.  Once there though a few lovely people helped with baby-sitting and/or tent upping.  We did only have one request along the lines of “How many days have you packed for?” as we dumped a house worth’s of stuff into the tent.  Mildly surprised at that.

Bloomin’ cold it was at first.  That first night was a bit of a nippy one.  But we all survived that one well enough and the next 3 days were just relaxed and happy.  Very nice people, lovely location and decent weather. Oh and the friendliest juggling convention took place around us too.

On the Monday we had to decamp, re-pack the car, drive north, unpack the car and re-camp.  That was a long day.

The new site was just outside of Cromer.  We’d packed up in 22 degree sunshine and were dressed for summer.  As we got nearer Cromer the weather turned; we lost 8 degrees and gained rain and wind a plenty.  It heaved it down with rain that night which gave us a rather rough view of Cromer as we went out for fish and chips.  Not the best first impression.

After that though the weather was pretty darn nice and so was Cromer.  At least it wasn’t bad for an English seaside town.  Proper pier with theatre too.

We zoomed over to Hunstanton for a day with my folks and niece and nephews which was fun despite Hunstanton being a dump and losing 2 children at one point.  The following day my folks came to Cromer for a rather lovely day of lazing and walking and beach sitting.  And that was about it.

Things of note were that the businessmen of Norfolk seem to be untrustworthy dodgy types.  There was a children’s fair thing on the seafront at Cromer where you had to buy tickets from a central place and signs up all around to insist that you don’t give cash to the staff!  Nice way to treat your staff – “hi thanks for working for us, we don’t trust you.”  In Hunstanton too the refrain “No refunds” was apparent on a goodly number of signs.

We went at one point to a crazy golf course only to find another “no refunds” sign, a price of a fiver each and another sign that said “No followers”.  The group in front of us were debating this as they had a very young member of their family but the rather dodgy looking people in the hut were not shifting on their no follower rule.  This kid was no way old enough to play the game so they were being total arses.  We decided not to spend that much money when it involved giving it these shysters.

Oh the town should be renamed “Hunstanto’n” as no-one there seems able to use apostrophes correctly.

After Cromer we packed up and headed to Manchester as R had rather sweetly bought us tickets to see The Fall live in their home town that Friday.  Hellish journey!  Getting northwest from Cromer isn’t easy.  In the end it took us 6 hours of slow and tedious roads.  The show was fun whilst it lasted but it didn’t last very long at all so a long day’s drive for about 60 minutes of entertainment (including support poet “a low rent John Cooper Clarke” and band).  Officious bouncer helped to annoy many, R couldn’t see anything and it was awfy hot.  Luckily R’s sister is lovely and looked after the young folk for us (with the excellent help of her daughter) whilst we were out.  And finally home on the Saturday.

All in all a lovely week.  I think we need less stuff and a wilder trip next time.  Maybe Glen Brittle?

Have fun.

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