Oh bloody heell

What do I do next?

Just been to Bg again ostensibly to sort out my house with K and get it suitable for renting out.  It really is a lovely place but it leaves me a quandary.

I want to do the business thing over there.  Run tours around and use the house as a hotel type thing and that.  But with me and K no longer an item it’s going to be awkward at best.

Imagine I get a new partner.  She’ll be so pleased I’m away in Bg running a business and sharing accomodation with K.  If I bring this hypothetical new partner over to Bg as well then K’s not likely to take that terribly well either.

Do I want to sell? No.

Do I want to do this? Yes.

Do I want to be single for ever? No.

Oh it’s a dilemma indeed.

Nonetheless if there are any people out there who want to be alpha testers for our business idea (IE you want a cheap holiday in a beautiful house in gorgeous countryside in the Balkan hills with full-on tour guiding and travel included) then get in touch. We’re looking for 10 people (possibly including singles, couples and kids) for a week in early summer next year (not all at one time but 4 people in 1 week and 6 the following week).

Anyway after the clicky is a review of the trip if you wish to read about it.  D may feel it’s a little long for him (MTV junkie that he is).

Day 1:
A long flight made easier (I hate boredom) by a medical emergency on board. We had the “Is there a doctor on board?” message said in all seriousness. Turns out there wasn’t, at least not one who answered the call. So K got to do her thang. Seems this youngish and fit bloke just collapsed in his seat. Probably a low blood sugar thing rather than anything too nasty. He wasn’t diabetic so it was unlikely to be serious but he got a free Coke and a Twix. Poor K got no such freebies. It was interesting that the plane had no medical equipment at all. No BP monitor, no BM monitor, nowt. Rubbish.

Landed at Bourgas – never been there before and the family of the collapsed man insisted on paying for a taxi for us to get to Nesebar. K refused flatly but they took her phone number in order to offer us a meal out in the evening. We had to lug our bags to a nearby bus stop just outside the airport. Sigh. A free cab would have been lovely.

Found a great hotel overlooking Nesebar (lovely place), expensive but worth it. Walked for a while and found a stunning fish restaurant where we met a pug called Barry and a brave seagull who kept wandering into the restaurant to pick up scraps.

The day finished with stunning weather – thunder and lightning of a type not seen in the UK. Magic.

Day 2:
Still not great weather but not so bad that we couldn’t go walking. Started in Nesebar again. I got very excited when I saw 2 monkeys dashing into some bushes under a tree. “Ooh look monkeys” I said. Just then 2 thin cats scuttled out from the bushes. Methinks my eyes were deceiving me. Made K laugh though.

We had to get some bus tickets to get to VT later that day and the legendary Bulgarian helpfulness reared its ugly head yet again. There was no way the bus depot/shop/ticket office could sell us a ticket as they didn’t know how many seats were still available. OK can you phone the main office to find out? They phoned the office. The info they came back with was “You must go to the main office quickly; it’s about to close.” Ah what a lovely lady. (I nearly typed “what a lovely lazy”, would of been apt).

We eventually got our tickets and they left us plenty of time for more sightseeing. We got on a boat from Nesebar to Sunny Beach (across the bay). Not a heavy swell until we got to the quay at the other side. Huge waves (higher than the quay) so pitching and yawing horribly. Great fun was had getting the middle aged women off the boat and great squeals went up when a big wave hit the quay and water shot up from beneath, soaking their smalls (or in most cases, larges). I loved every second of it, twas great.

Sunny Beach turns out to be package holiday hell. Hated all of it except that they did have Indian restaurants. We still need one in VT.

Oh and there was a portrait painter who was very bad indeed. Picture the scene. A woman sat in front of a canvas painting away busily. Another woman sitting the other side of the canvas in the punter’s chair. Well the portrait looked rather masculine indeed. As we got closer it turned out she was painting Sean Connery and not this poor woman. I wonder what bit of the poor punter’s facade caused Sean Connery to leap out at the artist?

Day 3:
Back in VT and yet more pissing about trying to get the car to work/start/keep going. It really is a wreck but it does go.

The village remains an idyllic place for me. Lovely and quiet. Dogs to play with and time to chill. Ace. Still want to run this damn business though. Ooh it’s a tough choice to make. A day spent doing nothing more.

Day 4:
A trip out to my fave place in Bg. The Dryanovo Monastery has a beautiful setting and is never very busy even in tourist season. Again a beautiful place. I let K drive a bit on the way home and even chose the back roads for her to avoid traffic. This was the 3rd time K’s driven me. The first time she hit the gate post when reversing out of the drive. The 2nd time was “uneventful” shall we say. This time she managed a full on crash with another car. He was 3 point turning hence “shouldn’t have been in the road”. I tried the “It’s irrelevant whether he should have been there or not, you still have brakes that would have stopped you in time. You don’t just keep going because he “shouldn’t be there”” argument but it seemed unconvincing to K. Possibly that’s the last time I’m letting her drive me anywhere, certainly in that car that’s, I would guess, not the safest car on the road for passengers nor for pedestrians. And don’t get me started on her reversing skills.

Day 5:
Another quiet day with lots of reading and DS playing. Lovely. Oh and playing with the dogs.

Day 6:
An important day. We had a builder and house fitter come to look at our place to get an idea of how much needs doing (a lot) and how much it’ll cost (a lot). But he was impressed with the place and looked up for doing the job. Just waiting for the estimates to come through now.

We went back to VT for a meal with Tzetzko and Katya. Ended up in a posh restaurant that was hand-picked by T. Probably because the music choice was just “so him”. We arrived to hear “The Final Countdown” and spent the evening hearing other fave soft rock classics. T was in heaven. Oh and Marian served us. Thought that odd.

Day 7:
Quiet day in VT. Bought a 2l bottle of Coke. Sat in the lounge and heard a massive thump and whoosh and then a perfect K “Blooodyyy helll!” echo out. She’d tried to open the bottle, it slipped and fell just as she got it slightly undone. The bang sent the bubbles mental and the slightly openness of it sent coke showering around the kitchen grand prix stylee. Me cracking up laughing didn’t go down well with K for some reason.

That evening we ended up at an even posher restaurant. K was amused by a tableful of prozzies next to us and I was entertained by an exceedingly attractive young lady singer hired to entertain us. Before anyone gets affronted by my sheer sexism she was an excellent singer indeed – wearing a very nice cocktail dress that showed her in a very flattering light. That’s all I’m saying.

Her pianist was a spiv type with an utterly wonderful 70’s spangly shirt. Amazing!

Day 8:
Turns out Tzetzko is still on dial-up at his flat! Unbelievable. Spent a pleasant afternoon round there looking at pics and listening to Louis Armstrong. Ended up in a tiny caff watching the England-Israel match (and occasionally switching over for T to check the tennis). A good day.

And then I came home on Day 9 with nothing too much to report except K was sweet enough to accompany me to the airport even though she didn’t really have to. She is a sweet one.

And that’s that. Back at work to find what the previous post has described.

Have fun.

Oh and the collapsed man never did phone up for us to get that meal out. Tsk.


  1. clurb said,

    September 10, 2007 @ 7:09 pm

    Collapsed people can be so rude.

    Did the young lady singer have a willy? Could you see it?

  2. alby said,

    September 11, 2007 @ 8:51 am

    Not that I can remember. I may have blotted it out of my memory but I would assume not.

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