Bulgarian humour

I just watched a really dire Bulgarian TV show.  It’s one of the most popular shows in the country but my god it shows the sheer backwardsness of the place.

The skit was an interview between the host and 2 football managers (played by actors taking off real people).  The teams were Levski and CSKA.  This would be like having the managers of Man U and Chelsea in an interview.  Now the manager of one of these teams is an Indian chap.  So cue one actor coming out all “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”.

But the riotous fun didn’t stop there.  Questions started with; “So did you fall asleep near a fire?”  meaning did your skin get burned? or why else would you be that colour?  Even K looked concerned at this and she’s notoriously forgiving of bulgarian humour.  Not impressed by the guys on this one.

Bulgarian humour is pretty awful anyway.  We’ve had experience of K struggling to tell jokes through gales of laughter only to find that there was nothing at all funny about it.  Poor thing.  This show is regularly doing the “pepperpot women” types from Python but managing to remove anything that was funny about that in the first place.  Just terrible.

Disappoining to hear the god-awful stereotyping on this show though.  But perhaps I’m just too damn PC.

Have fun.

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