Bulgarian problems

Arse!  Just had news that the drop-out son of the people who sold us the house is living in the property now.  We haven’t given permission, nor has anyone informed us officially.  K’s mum found out via village gossip.  What can we do?

I don’t know.  She’s off to insure the house against damage tomorrow and to confront them this weekend.  K’s worried she might get beaten up by him.  Thankfully she’s off with our fixer Tzetzkin as back up.  Second worry is that he’ll come back and torch the place after he’s been kicked out.  Police are no use, security firms won’t cover it to the extent that we need as it’s too rural.  We really need someone in the place looking after it full time.

I’m seriously pissed off with our vendors as they still assume the place is theirs; at least they re acting like it.  Last time I went their car was in our garage (after their son broke one of its windows in anger). They also turn up to say hello whenever anyone is in the place. And now their idiot, drunkard and stoned vicious git of a son feels like he can stay there free of rent.

I wonder if we can get someone to break his legs for us (or at least threaten it).

Have fun.

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  1. Bosie said,

    September 27, 2006 @ 12:48 pm

    Ooh, blimey.

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