Here’s where you’ll find a selection of links to various sites of varying interest to you.


I’ll kick off with some friends’ sites.

· Bear-blog.  She writes well.  A juggler and philosopher.  Oh and a commie-loving, limp-wristed, pinko, guardian-reading, do-gooding so and so as well.

· Uncle D.  Games and travel and curry sharer.

· Dr Rosie Bosie.  The one female astrophysicist in the country.  At least she was until she got her PhD and now she’s not.

· Rodger [sic].  A unicycling techy type.  Doesn’t write quite so well as Bear (who does?) but is a better unicyclist.


And now some juggly stuff.

· Internet Juggling Database.  Stuffed full of info and has a handy portal to the very active rec.juggling newsgroup.  Definitely the best juggling site out there.

· Anthony Gatto’s forum.  Probably the most technically skilled performer out there.  The board requires you to sign up (free though and I’ve had no spam through signing up).

· The Galchenko’s site.  Newly re-designed and complete with blogs of the 2 prodigies lives.  Still needs some more content on it yet.

· All up in the air.  A nice blog from a juggler.  Not so one-tracked as some others I could name.  (This translates to “this is more interesting”.)

· Luke Burrage.  “UK juggling legend”.  He’s always good for stating things as he sees them.  Don’t always agree with him but wouldn’t life be tedious if we all agreed?  The site is erratically updated though he’s recently promised to do better.


People I’ve heard of; who also write blogs.

· Andrew Collin(g)s.  Radio presenter (BBC 6 Music), journalist and author.

· Dave Gorman.  Comedian.  Nice chap and excellent radio host.

· Emma Kennedy.  Actress and excellent blogger.  Her site was recently “bigged-up” (I believe that’s what the youth of today are saying) on Richard and Judy by none other than Dave Gorman.

· Richard Keith Herring.  Comedian and writer.  Occasional poker player and deliberate lover of unattainable women.


Random stuff.

· Random Acts of Reality.  Tom Reynold’s site about his life in the London Ambulance Service. Another one recently on Richard and Judy!  Has loads of links to other public service blogs.

· Lloydian Aspects.  The site of a chap I used to know when I was living in Newcastle.  Strong opinions beautifully delivered.  Quite an eclectic selection of topics.


There’ll be more stuff on here sometime soon.

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