My first go at writing a biog consisted of me abdicating responsibility and asking friends to write it.  4 obliged and their submissions can be seen at the end of this page.  Since then I thought I'd better write my own as well.  This may be changed as and when I think of new bits to add.


· Job: Physiotherapist.

· Significant other: Bulgarian fiance who is known as "K" on this site.  She's a nurse.

· Friends: read the site to find out more about them.

· Plan: To move to Bulgaria in Spring 2007 (although this now may not be happening because of exciting work developments in the UK).



· Intellectual conversation unhindered on occasion by facts and/or rationale.

· Music of various types but usually the odder the better - fave bands include SWANS, Melt Banana, Merzbow, Einstuerzende Neubauten, The Fall and plenty of others.

· Films of various types but usually the odder the better.

· Books of various types but usually the odder the better.

· Comedy - I'm a hoarder of recordings from BBC radio comedy shows.

· Indian, Chinese and Thai food.

· Trying new things or new ways of doing old things.

· Travel - been to loads of places and want to do more.

· Foreign girls!



· The ingrained misery and cynicism demonstrated by a large proportion of the UK population.

· Capitalism - not because it doesn't work but that it relies on the afore-mentioned cynicism and is responsible for a lot of the afore-mentioned misery.

· Patriotism - particularly when professed by the least savoury members of the country.

· Bigotry.

· Religion (of any breed) when it's expressed in a negative way.

· People not thinking about things.

· People making their minds up in an instant and then finding just the evidence that handily fits their prejudices.

· Being told what I shouldn't be allowed to do.  I'll be the judge of that thank you very much.

· Doing things the "proper" way.

· Grammatical sloppiness - I regularly put in deliberate grammatical weirdness just to confuse.  The most common is "of" instead of "have".  This is deliberate and most likely to happen where you'd least expect it.  Example: "Can I of 2 have them?"



· Juggling.

· Learning Bulgarian.

· Games (be they board, mind or video).



· Regularly over-indulged in Coke therefore I'm avoiding it completely in 2006 (successfully as of September).

· Chocolate. 


Don't do enough:

· Eating healthily.

· Time with K (through work pressures not lack of wanting to).

· Recycling.

· Being green generally (although I don't own a car now and cycle everywhere).


That's enough of me here's what my friends wrote (edited for grammar and length only - not for content)

· Alby was undoubtedly bullied at school. He likes to argue. And he's quite hairy. And somehow he's managed to attract a really rather intelligent woman who you'd think would know better. But he's also one of the most genuinely compassionate blokes I know. So it's all swings and round-abouts really.

· I do not know if you remember our first encounter?! We were the first ones to enter the classroom on that rainy morning in Essen. You were the one to start conversation, and the only thing I remember thinking was how beautiful your accent was.(after all you are British!). But later on I realised that there was much more than the accent and that more was you: gentle, caring, considerate. A man without prejudice about my country and me. A man who showed me that everything is not as it looks like, who knocked down my own prejudice about the British being uptight. But they are certainly always worried not to be "overly bragging or self-indulgent self-deprecation". A man who taught me not to hate! Last time I saw you juggle you were a fairly good juggler but at that time you were out of practise. So, I suppose you've improved by now. As I know you cycle a lot and lead as healthy life as possible

· Alby is one of those people who although a genuinely nice chap, is also a little bit quirky ….. that’s not necessarily a bad thing though. He spends most of his time perfecting his ‘monkey rolling’ technique, listing [to which side I wonder] to repeats of radio comedy shows and music that before the advent of the internet, could only be purchased from shops with basements. He is also somewhat partial to the occasional curry & can occasionally been seen juggling (although more often just sat waffling). He’s engaged to a young Bulgarian lady and in the 4 (or so) years he’s known her, and despite much badgering on her part, has managed to learn the Bulgarian for “Mouse on a bicycle”, “I am a monkey” & “Another cola please”, but not a great deal else. To end on, here’s a few interesting facts about this blogmaster: He has an irrational phobia of minor grammatical errors. He has attracted a somewhat mixed bag of friends from all over the continent, but as of yet, no-one from France. He claims to be able to tell the difference between Coca Cola & Pepsi He guffs in the cars of people’s who kindly offer him lifts and then complains about the smell. Git.

· Here are 21 words/phrases I would use to describe him. Witty, eccentric, heart warming, harsh, caring, clever, stroppy, interesting, helpful without being smothering, insulting, humble, loyal, argumentative, loveable, off the wall, a lover of all foreign woman, 'was' a sloppy dresser, sharp witted, fun at parties, a master of bizarre and/or unusual pass times [sic] and a brilliant person to have as a friend.  In the 9 years I have known Alan, (oh my god, 9 years!!! WOW)  I could honestly say, I wouldn’t change one little bit about him cos I love him to bits.  DO NOT EVER CHANGE"

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